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Monday, December 31, 2012

December 2012

In December we...
sang at church in the Creationland Christmas program (Libby)...

baked and decorated Christmas cookies...

Went to North Park Mall with our friends to see the trains and watch puppet shows...

hosted the 5th Annual PJ Brunch..

We celebrated Daddy's birthday...

Made Gingerbread (or rather graham cracker) houses...

Opened and played with presents (it was so fun to have Aunt Mary here!)...

Played in the snow (we had a white Christmas!)...

and ate Turkey with Nai Nai.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Attack of the Wild Peacock

When I was a little girl, there were peacocks in the center of the mall where we did our shopping.  It was always a highlight of the trip.  My sisters and I would beg to go to see the peacocks and hope that they would display their brilliant feathers for us.  If we were really lucky, we would watch them fan their tails while licking our Baskin Robbins ice cream cones.

As a young married woman, I would take our puppy to training classes on a property where several peacocks roamed free.  They were still beautiful but it was rather annoying to navigate my way down the drive as the peacocks wandered freely wherever they might please.  

So, up until a few weeks ago, peacocks brought memories of beauty and perhaps, the same kind of frustration as the pesky squirrels in our yard.  That is until, sweet Libby encountered one a little too close...

My friend Laura lives on a 2 acre property on a quiet hidden street in our town.  Just a few steps away lies an upscale neighborhood lined with sidewalks and wonderful amenities, but her little street is lined with multi-acre lots that have a very rural feel.  Several months ago, she texted a picture of a peacock that just happened to appear on her property while she was hosting a garage sale.  It became somewhat of a joke as the peacock would appear randomly in their yard over the following months.

That's just what happened early in December as my dearest girlfriends and our kids were gathered at Laura's home for a Christmas celebration.  One of the gals looked outside and announced that Mr. Peacock had decided to grace us with a Christmas visit.  Over the next several minutes, we cracked many jokes and had lots of laughs over his antics and the screams that he elicited from the kids.  He would fly onto the play set and they would scramble to the porch and so on...

It was all fun and games...until the kids came running inside.  Someone mentioned that Libby might be hurt.  She was ushered in by one of the teenagers.  I saw the tears but it wasn't until she turned her head toward me that I saw the blood - just one trickle streaming down her cheek.  My mama heart wanted to cry out but I quickly swallowed that desire and turned on my calm voice.  While I held a wet cloth to Libby's cheek, Laura called Tom.  We decided it was best to take her to the pediatric urgent care and that Tom would come get us.  

We couldn't figure out what took Tom so long to make the 7 minute trek from our house to Laura's.  It turns out he took a few minutes to research peacock bites (including a phone call to the Fort Worth Zoo, which by the way, does not have any peacocks).  

Libby was a trooper through it all.  She was rather quiet and told us at least once that she was not happy with that peacock.  The doctor patched her up a bit - just cleaned the wound and put a bandage on it.  She actually had 3 wounds - the deep one on her cheek, a brush burn above her lip and a more superficial scratch on her opposite arm.  Besides feeling a bit traumatized, the injuries will heal in time.

Laura called animal control and they informed her that there are 50 wild peacocks in the area.  Who knew?!  They, also claimed that they can't do anything about them since they are wild birds. 

Alas, not many people can claim being attacked by a peacock.  I'm not sure I'll ever look at those beautiful but wild birds the same way again!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 - A Year in Review - June to November

Libby's dance recital, swimming, Libby's 4th birthday, a growing garden, and horse camp

Famous Caedmon, Dinosaur Park in Glen Rose, a growing pup, and rock climbing

Kenpo promotion: Libby-orange belt; Caedmon-Junior Dragons, new school year & visit from Pappy

last swim of summer, Stroke team, backyard camping, lego building, State Fair of Texas (with Nai Nai)

Kauai, tree climbing, Run4:Justice, Halloween

Pittsburgh trip: Thanksgiving, Kennywood, snow, visits with friends, family trip to Northwest

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