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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Crab of the Ocean on the Beach

by Caedmon

Once upon a time, I found this big seashell.  I thought it was a big seashell, but when I touched it, it stood up on all hind legs.  It was a crab!  It ran into the ocean. I felt surprised.  It was a bit scary.  Then I ran to mama and Libby.  They were at the tide pools.  I told them "Quick! Quick! I saw a crab and it ran into the ocean!" I was breathing heavily.

The Pledge of Surfing

by Caedmon

One time I was surfing with my teacher Mr. Sparky.  It was really, really, really fun!  First, I had to practice on the shore.

I practiced standing and Mr. Sparky taught me all the skills I needed to know for my lesson.  The two most important things are look at the shore and bend my knees.  I could bend them as low as I needed to.  After I practiced on the shore, I went real surfing.  Mr. Sparky gave me a surf board.

 I had to go out in the ocean.  I had to paddle with my hands.

 Then, Mr. Sparky shot me towards the shore.  I paddled.

Then, I stood up.  It was fun.

 When I got to the shore, I fell down.  I tried it many times.  It was super fun.  I had a really good lesson and my lesson was super-tastic!
The End.
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