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Monday, February 28, 2011

February '11 in Review

Just when we were thinking that Texas had missed out on snow for the winter, we were hit with ice, snow, and freezing temperatures galore.  While it made for some bad travel days for Tom...and a little cabin fever, the kids were thrilled to play outside (yes, even with windchills in the teens and in rainboots!).

When they visited last month, Pappy and Memama brought along some Steelers garb so that we could support my hometown team (Tom, who spent his medical school years in Milwaukee, was rooting for the Packers so it's fortunate, neither of us are diehard football fans).  We watched a bit of the Superbowl before bedtime.

Our homeschool group had a Valentine card exchange so we spent some of our housebound snow days making 50+ Valentine's day cards with paint and glitter glue.  

February also brought visits from Nai-Nai and Aunt Mary.  You can see Nai-Nai in our snow pictures.  Aunt Mary came to run in the Run For Justice with us.  There's a whole separate blog post about that.  A few other highlights from February were: 

A pirate and fairy dress-up birthday party for our friend Lauren

Getting our faces painted by our fabulous and talented babysitter Sarah

Celebrating my friend Erin's miracle baby, Owen

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