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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve/Morning 2010

For the first time in the last several years, Tom did not have to work on Christmas Day.  My sister, Heather (who has celebrated with us for 3 Christmases now) and I were laughing about how we weren't sure how to celebrate Christmas with Tom at home.  When he was working, we simply celebrated on a different day, often Christmas Eve morning.  I guess things change every year since the kids keep growing but this year was definitely one where we were determining some traditions.

Tom also had Christmas Eve off work so that was a fun early start to the festivities.  We decided to attend the Christmas Eve service at our church.  It was a really nice service and we were especially blessed to hear God's Word boldly preached and not just a watered down Christmas message.  We were also surprised to see the church packed out with standing room only when we arrived a few minutes later than we'd planned (we did get seats!).  After church, we ended up eating dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, mainly because it was the only place open near church.  It kind of made me chuckle that we were eating out and pizza, nonetheless.  When I was growing up, I don't remember ever eating out on Christmas eve, as we were always at a family gathering.  However, we did always order Dominoe pizza for my sister Amy.

Christmas Eve was, also, a little different this year because bedtime for the kiddos is not quite as early as it used to be.  Despite our repeated attempts to remind them that Santa does not arrive until AFTER they are asleep, both kids decided to prolong sleep.  Tom and I finally opted to sleep for a few hours and then, wake up to prepare for the morning.  We slept from 8 until 10 and then, I got up to brine our turkey and we spent the next 3 hours helping Santa.  When the kids awoke the next morning this is what they saw:

Our living room looked like a toy store exploded in it! We enjoyed a marathon present opening/toy playing morning.  

We spent all of Christmas day in our pjs and enjoyed a quiet day of playing, cooking, eating and, especially... 
thanking God for the BEST gift - His Son, Jesus!

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