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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scrapbooking, Homeschooling, Babysitting, and Dragons

Is that a random enough title for you? For my frequent readers, you are probably wishing I had stayed on my posting hiatus rather than return with a doozie like that!! But really, as random as it may be, this is a blogworthy post...and it does somehow all connect, I promise.

Back in August, my friend Erin arranged for her and me to go on a scrapbooking retreat. We had both completed scrapbooks for our firstborns and were lamenting the fact that the secondborns were now 2 years old with no scrapbook to their names. Thus, we spent a fantastic weekend away at a quaint little scrapbook retreat, where besides scrapbooking (digitally!) we enjoyed good food, sleeping in and lots of talk time. Aaaah, bliss! (We had so much fun that we're heading back for another weekend in December.)

Besides returning refreshed and rejuvenated - and to a husband who appreciated me so much more after spending almost 48 hours with the kids - I received a few more blessings that weekend. One was some homeschool encouragement, which should probably be relegated to another blog post. The other was a babysitter! Tom and I had not used babysitters besides our family or close friends since the kids were born. However, we were feeling like the kids were old enough that we should find someone. I, also, had committed to a 6 month workout regimen which required 3 days a week with a personal trainer. We knew that the only way that would work was to have someone stay with the kids at least once a week. When we were talking this all through, I had told Tom that our ideal would be a home-schooled high schooler who could come one morning a week. Of course, I knew of no one who fit that bill. However, the scrapbooking retreat was organized by the mom of a home-schooled high schooler, who had come along for the weekend. She also just happened to live in our same town and was looking for babysitting work! Isn't God, good? It gets even better...Sarah is a fantastic babysitter!! My kids adore her and miss her terribly when they don't get to see her one week (or for several as the case has been recently).

When I was growing up, we had a babysitter named Lisa, who came every Friday night so my parents could go to their bowling league. Lisa would play "Little House on the Prairie" with us and traipse around the house in our wagon train as "Ma" - EVERY WEEK, WITHOUT COMPLAINING! We LOVED her! I don't think I was such an accommodating babysitter. Oh, I wasn't a sit on the couch and do nothing babysitter, but I do have distinct memories of dreading the hours of playing "Aladdin" with one of my charges. I just don't think I was very enthusiastic about playing Jafar. Sarah, on the other hand, is my kids' Lisa. She makes crafts, plays pirates, does art and really gets dirty and has fun with them. I am so very thankful for her!

So, now for the dragons...Last month, Sarah and her mom, Stacey, invited me to a Book Tea. I've been missing my book club dreadfully, so I was excxited for a literary outing. Besides being an amazingly clever and fun evening, I was also introduced to a great author. The purpose of the tea was to introduce their friends to a Young Adult Literature author named Bryan Davis and his book entitled Starlighter. Now I love to read but my time for picking up a novel is sparse these days. However, I powered through this book in a weekend. Bryan Davis writes fantasy and this particular book was about dragons, prophecy, slaves, warriors. An adventure that was entertaining to me, as an adult, even though it is geared toward teenagers. I highly recommend it if you like fantasy or if know of a teenager who does. It's not Christian per se but the author is a Christian and the book is clean and safe for young minds. I'm sure it will be one of Caedmon's favorites when he is old enough to read it. You can read more about it on the Masters & Slayers website   or purchase your copy of Starlighter or one of his other books, which I've heard are all fabulous here.  I truly do think these books deserve a recommendation, but I'm also helping out our fabulous babysitter by sharing this with you. She is in a Masters & Slayers contest and I know she really wants to get out the word about Bryan Davis and support his talented writing.

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