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Monday, May 10, 2010

Baby No More...Our Big Boy is 4!

To celebrate Caedmon's 4th birthday, we partied with the animals. Literally. We spent the day with friends and animals alike at the Fort Worth Zoo. However, before heading to the zoo, C indulged in a delicious and nutritious breakfast - a Boston Creme donut from the DD (aka, Dunkin Donuts).

When I was certain that he was fully loaded with sugar -ha!- we packed up and headed to the zoo. We were blessed to have Nai-Nai and Yeh-Yeh here to celebrate with us and we invited lots of friends to join in the fun as well. We spent a few hours looking at monkeys, giraffes, snakes and more and then, headed down the road to Trinity Park for a picnic lunch, playground time and some monkey cupcakes.

Because a birthday isn't a birthday without a cake (according to both Caedmon and Tom's mom), we had a small family celebration complete with ice cream cake for dessert...uh, at least that was the plan. However, our original plan was slightly changed as we got a phone call about a realtor showing of our house right as we sat down to dinner. While it threw a wrench our the parental plans, Caedmon probably saw it as a birthday wish come true, since it meant he got to spend 45 minutes in the toy aisle of Target choosing a toy to buy with his $10 birthday gift cards and still got to have cake and a VERY late bedtime.

Happy 4th Birthday, Big C!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Potty Training - Take 1

For the past several months, Libby has been consistently telling us when her diaper is wet or dirty.  She also frequently asked to sit on the potty (with no positive results).  Once in February or March, she even convinced the nursery workers at MOPS that she needed to use the potty.  They complied and then, asked me when we had started potty training.  They were relieved to find out that this 20 month old was not in the midst of the move out of diapers since there is no potty in the room she is in.  All this interest in the potty, started me questioning whether this was a training window of which I best take advantage.  My good friend Adrianne potty trained both of her boys when they were 22/23 months of age. I figured she would be a good resource.  She recommended a 3 day potty training boot camp system that she used with much success with her second son.  I figured that if her 23 month old boy could do it, surely my 22 month old girl would have success also.  

We planned our adventure for a weekend when Tom would be home to help so that Caedmon wouldn't miss out on his full schedule of activities.  We started on a Saturday morning and figured we'd have a successful panty wearer by Monday night (if not completely, successful, at least mostly so).  Libby was quite excited about wearing big girl panties, especially with all the pretty kitties and flowers on them.  However, the excitement wore off quickly for all parties involved.  This particular method involved constant vigilance as the idea was to "catch her in the act" and rush her to the potty, which was in the bathroom.  The first day we had minimal success but most everyone was happy and positive.  The second day the success was still minimal and the happy vibes were also fading.  On day 3, when I was on my own, we had a very successful morning but by 11 am, success was gone (7 changes of underwear in 1 hour!) and so was my happy girl.  She kicked and screamed at each trip to the potty despite my efforts to be as happy and upbeat as I could muster.  We stuck with the attempt at underwear until Thursday morning (day 6) when she peed once again in the same spot of the living room and my stress level couldn't handle anymore.  (did I mention our house was in the process of being listed for sale?!).  Back to diapers we returned, and all the ladies of the house (and even the youngest little man) were much happier.

Our only continued area of potty stress was bedtime, when our little lady decided that she could remove her own diaper if it was dirty.  Aaagh!  I guess I will get a few more months of use from zippered pjs and onesies...

Miss L is still quite interested in the potty and has had many successful trips there over the past few weeks.  However, for the time being, we are continuing to support the diaper industry.
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