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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quirky Kid Comments

As I've said before, Caedmon continually makes me laugh with his commentary on life.  Here are a few I've been saving up...

"Mama, I like the way you look.  You're beautiful!"  (similar sentiments were later shared with Libby and Tom's mom)
If you need a self-esteem boost, spend some time with a preschooler.  However, be cautious, as this could backfire.  Their honesty is sometimes a little too raw.  

"Why are you using a knife to do that.  You should use your skin razor."
I was peeling the skin off a pear with the same paring knife that I was using to cut it.  Caedmon thought a peeler would work better.

Caedmon has two nerf swords and only one shield.  He has been conscripting Libby into his sword fights.  (She is quite funny and holds the sword the wrong way and yells "Hi-ya!")  Yesterday, Caedmon was trying to encourage her to join his battle against a dragon.  He said, "Libby doesn't have a shield, but God can be her shield."   I was thinking how sweet his comment was until he proclaimed that the dragon could also use God as its shield.

I think maybe Caedmon is ready to reduce his stuffed animal collection.  He has been charging Tom and me with the care of several of his animals.  Originally, he brought 3 to me and proceeded to tell me the following: "Mama, I brought you these animals to take care of.  You need to take them to bed with you at night.  If they become sick or get hurt, you should take them to Dr. Libby in the morning.  Put them on a book and she will check them and make them better.  Please tell Daddy.  These are your instructions."  He proceeded to give Tom the same instructions later in the evening.  More animals have been added to our collection.  I think we're up to 7 or so.  Soon, there won't be room for us in our own bed!  

Every day is an adventure with Big C!

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