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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Texas Winter Wonderland

We all heard the forecast - 4-6 inches of snow on Friday.  I doubt many of us believed it...and I know no one expected the 8 -12 inches of white powdery snow that finally fell on North Texas!!  This is one for the record books.  

(4 1/2 inches as of the afternoon of day 1...
the total in our yard was between 8 and 9 inches)

Caedmon was scheduled to attend a nature class and when I awoke to see the grass covered in white, I thought our day was cancelled.  Alas, this northerner got to dust off her snow driving skills and we ventured out.  After our morning on the roads, we settled in at home and prepared to enjoy being snowbound for a few days.  We filled the time with snowmen, hot chocolate and movies.  Unfortunately, Libby was fighting a bad cold so her snow play was limited to one short session.  However, Caedmon enjoyed several hours of romping in the the snow.  He would have stayed out all day long if I had let him.  It was the highlight of his winter.

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