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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Artists in Residence

Both kids have been super excited about doing art lately.  Caedmon has just recently had more of an interest in coloring and painting and such, but sweet Libby would have a marker in her hand all day if I trusted her let her.  The above picture was taken today.  Caedmon insisted on sitting on a chair to draw because "you know, mom, I've seen artists sit while they paint on their easels."  Markers and paper were the medium of choice today, but a few weeks ago, in the midst of our winter "snowstorm," I braved the finger paints:

My budding artists also enjoyed using a large box as their canvas.  Markers, crayons and stickers soon covered the box, which doubled as a boat and various other methods of transport and housing over the week that it spent in home.

Watercolors were the choice on another recent day...

And last but not least, here is my future makeup artist...

I'm hoping this is her one and only experimentation with the Goth look.

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