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Monday, January 18, 2010

Where's My Baby?

(originally written December 12, 2009)

The kids are napping and I chose to use my few minutes of quiet to organize some of our recent photos. Of course, that always takes longer than I think it will because I end up looking back at other photos and before I know it 3 minutes turns into 23 minutes turns into...well, you get the idea. Anyway, in the course of perusing, I looked through several pictures from this summer....

Libby looked SO small!! She looked like a baby, but the girl before me today is most definitely a toddler. And, she is so much fun! She is talking A LOT! She's starting to put words together into sentences and overall, seems so much more like a little person when she talks. She's still trying to grasp all of the consonant sounds but she "gets" the fact that words have multiple syllables so words like Christmas tree and Santa Claus and Snowman don't really have the right letter sounds but they have the right syllables and pitch and with some context, we understand her quite well. Yesterday, she was trying to sing "Jingle Bells" and it came out something like "ba ba behw" over and over. She also has realized that with a big brother that talks incessantly, she has to find ways to get my attention. Lately, I've been hearing a lot of "hey, mama" followed by whatever she is trying to tell me - "dance", "read", "snack", etc. I've stopped counting how many words she knows because it's definitely more than I can keep track of. It is really nice to be able to communicate with her.

She's growing physically, too. She must have had a growth spurt because suddenly she can climb all sorts of things that she couldn't before. Everyday, it's something new. Today, I caught her climbing onto the kitchen island. Aaaagh! Fortunately, her guardian angels must be working overtime.

Libby continues to love to read. She has her favorites. She's quite fascinated with "Goodnight Moon" currently. She loves to find the mouse on each page and insists on reading it every night and often when she wakes up in the morning, too. She also likes "Hop on Pop" and Eric Carle's "Head to Toe." Her all time favorite is "Prayer for a Child." However, we don't have a board book version of that and she has become a little rough with the pages of late. Throughout the day, you can find her sitting by the bookshelf thumbing through the pages of any book and "reading" it to herself.

She likes music. It seems that she has determined that car rides are good for singing as we often hear her singing. Her favorites are Baa Baa Black Sheep, The ABC song, and as I mentioned, Jingle Bells.

(unfortunately, this post was never really finished and it seems rather too late to finish it since 5 weeks later, L has learned a whole host of new things. I'm going to post this as is and promise to continue our Libby-girl update soon)

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  1. she's so cute! :) Silas' favorite book is "The Ear Book" by Dr. Seuss, although "Hop on Pop" is becoming a favorite, too.


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