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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Libby may be growing up, but Caedmon is practically an adult. Okay, not really, but some days I start to wonder just how quickly childhood disappears.  Our little man is carrying on more and more interesting conversations, learning new things and just generally, keeping us on our toes.  Three has been a fun-filled year (and tantrum-filled, too).  I can't imagine what the next few months will bring as we approach 4...

Here are a few conversations I've had with Caedmon in recent weeks:

C: "I need to work on learning to like potatoes."
Me: "Well, you should just keep trying them and maybe you will learn to like them.  What about eggs?  Will you work on liking eggs, too?
C: " I think I should just concentrate on liking potatoes."

Aunt Mary visited a few weeks ago and Caedmon got around to asking about her job (she's a lawyer).  She gave him some basic explanation about fixing problems on paper instead of in people (doctor) or on cars (mechanic).  He must have continued to ponder her job after she left because a few days later, this conversation ensued...

C: "How does Aunt Mary fix paper problems?"
Me: "It's kind of difficult to understand.  Maybe you can ask her about it more the next time you see her."
C: "I think she might need to use a rolling pin."

(Mary told me she wishes it were as easy as rolling over the paper with a rolling pin!)

And, just when I think we're making some spiritual breakthroughs...

C: "Mama, how do you get baptized because you have to wear your pants in the water and that just seems rude because then your pants will get soaked."

C: "I'm ready to get baptized now."
Me (preparing to dive in and get to the heart of the matter): "Why do you say that, Caedmon?"
C: "I can close my eyes tight."

Besides keeping us on our toes with interesting insights and deep spiritual questions, Caedmon has been working to master some new skills.  We recently bought him a glider bike and he's been practicing in the driveway and at the park:

He's taking more and more interest in art...although he's still prefers the abstract:

He has also switched swim schools and continues to develop into a strong swimmer.  He, now, swims at a high school and needs to wear a wet suit.  So far, the instructor has him swimming 12.5 yards per swim during class but he's on his way to a full 25 yards!

Caedmon continues to love books and learning.  We're taking a really laid back approach to our preschool homeschool.  I think if I wanted to get technical it would be called "unschooling."  Basically, I'm trying to just read a lot of books and teach through natural experiences.  That's not really what I would consider my teaching style, but I think it's working great for this point in our life.  As part of our bedtime routine, Caedmon reads a simple word each night.  Tom and I are amazed at how quickly he can figure out three and four letter words!  Caedmon also picked out a new calendar for 2010 and he's been practicing his numbers, days of the week and months of the year.  It's so fun to see his learning develop naturally.  I'm fully anticipating that this next year will develop into a bit more structured (but still flexible) learning/teaching, but for now, our little guy is learning and growing and we're all having fun!

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