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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Girl...

I recently posted a blog entry that I started in early December and never really got around to finishing...so here's my effort to complete it with a part two...

Our Miss Libby has become quite the character.  She is certainly changing from a baby to quite the little girl...or as she might say, "big guhl."  She has no trouble making us laugh (and more recently, testing our patience).  We are really enjoying this new stage as she is communicating more and really showing us her true personality.

She got her first haircut back in early December because her hair was just sooooo long.  No, not really, but it was starting to look a little bit scraggly and the lady that cuts Caedmon's hair told us it would help it to grow in better if we gave it a trim.  Libby did such a great job. There was no crying and she even begged to go back again the next time I took Caedmon for his haircut.  Needless to say, I don't think she'll need another trim for quite some time.

As I mentioned in my prior post, language is exploding around here.  Tom and I often look at each other and say, "did she just say ____?"  because we are so amazed by the way she is absorbing everything.  Most recently, she has been starting to speak in more and more 2-3 words sentences.  "I see it", "bird fly", "daddy home", "mama cooking" are all heard quite frequently around here.  She loves her big brother, "Caden" (a big improvement over previous attempts at his name - "Mamen" and "Tatin") and, as she is usually awake first in the morning, is often heard yelling, "Caden wake" and "morning, Caden"  followed by "HUG."

Of course, this love of big brother also means that she wants to do everything he does.  Like her big brother, she is a monkey and has no fear of climbing no matter how precarious the position.  This has given me more than a few heart attacks!  However, the result seems to be good balance and improving skill.  Just yesterday, we went to the park and she was able to climb the stairs and slide down the slide independently (NO FEAR).

Besides reading and climbing, her new favorite activity is coloring.  "Color" is heard multiple times a day and she just finds so much delight in letting her inner artist out.  I'm pretty strict with the use of "color" since she doesn't always remember to keep it on the paper.  I dole out one (washable) marker or crayon at a time and she runs back and forth between the art easel and me, giggling and laughing with joy.  I so wished I had a video camera with me this morning because she was just bubbling.  Her masterpieces quite amaze me...mostly because my firstborn is a boy...and boys (as a rule) just don't get into the whole fine motor drawing and coloring thing at an early age.  Caedmon is still working up his art mojo.  He enjoys painting and drawing but at almost 4 years old, his work is VERY abstract and just recently, gets more than a few seconds of attention.  Libby, on the other hand, gets quite a bit of color on the paper (and in her ear, on her face, etc) and will spend several minutes on each "masterpiece."

It's always hard for me to sum up Libby...especially in a concise way.  She is such a blessing to us, though.  She is full of hugs and kisses and giggles.  We are so blessed that she is a part of our family.

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