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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Preparing Young Hearts for Christmas, Part I

We started decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving day.  The plan was to start early, get it done and enjoy the rest of the month.  We were mostly finished by Sunday night but I threw a hitch in the plan - I told Tom that I'd really like a second Christmas tree this year.  It's something that we've talked about since we moved into this house.  Our upstairs has a great window that is just crying for a Christmas tree.  The area is actually our "homeschool"  room.  I thought it would be really fun to let Caedmon help me decorate it with our personal ornaments, especially since we used pretty bulbs to make a very decorative tree downstairs.

Anyway, Tom did some research and decided that maybe it would be fun to go the live tree route so yesterday we packed up the kids and went to the local nursery.  We picked our tree and had it loaded onto the roof of our SUV.  Then, we realized we needed lights.  We stopped at Lowes and Home Depot but weren't happy with the selection so we decided that we'd make an after dinner trip to Costco.  Uh oh...our simple tree idea just kept getting more complex.  We did get our lights and make it home to put the kids to bed late.  However, the night was just beginning for us!  Long story short, we took the tree out of it's base to put in our fancy schmancy tilting base, only to find that our base was broken!  So, back into the original base.  After lots of vacuuming up needles (and frustrations), the tree sits undecorated in that upstairs window.  I'm sure this is just the first of many dashed expectations this holiday season.   Fortunately, the kids didn't have to witness our disappointment and frustration over how the evening turned out.  I want to set an example for them, in which our holiday preparations are always focused on Jesus and the joy He brings.

Last year, I made several attempts to infuse some holiday traditions into our Christmas preparations. This year, I want to do even more, especially things that will keep us all focused on the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

 Our church handed out an advent packet for families so we will be using their Christmas tree devotions and sticker tree at dinner each evening.

 I also found a great Advent "curriculum" to do with Caedmon ( & Libby, as much as she can participate) for our homeschool this month.  It involved daily Bible reading, Christmas literature, songs and art projects.  I've been excited about doing it with the kids.  Today was the first day.  We started by reading two verses in Isaiah and talking about how God's prophets told about Jesus birth long before Jesus was born.  Caedmon was already familiar with this fact because of our daily Bible readings from The Big Picture Story Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible, both of which really focus on how God's plan to send Jesus as our Savior was evident from the beginning of the Bible.

We also sang Jesus Loves Me.  Libby decided to join in and provide some accompaniment on her drum.  She was actually more into this part of our lesson than Caedmon was.  He was quite unfocused this morning, more worried about his stuffed animals and his Superman cape.  It was a little frustrating to me (those darn expectations, again!).

Next, we opened a present and found Baby Jesus inside!  We put him in the manger and talked about how we will spend the month doing activities that will help us remember that He is Who we are celebrating.

Finally, we made a paper chain that will help us count down to Christmas.  Each morning we'll take off a ring and it will tell us what our homeschool activities for the day will be.  Caedmon did a great job glueing, counting and stapling.  Libby even got into the project and helped me glue a little.

I'm excited to continue our month of Advent.  I've been really lazy on the arts and crafts with my kiddos and this will help me to get into that more.  Also, we have some great new Christmas books to read.  I'll probably do some updates on our activities as the weeks go on.

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  1. I'm glad that you're able to do so much with preparing for the Christmas Season! We just received the Jesus Storybook Bible in German as a gift, and LOVE it!

    I look forward to doing more activities when my boys are just a little older. :)


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