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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Traditions 2009, Part II

I had great intentions of journaling our Christmas preparations and celebrations throughout the season.  Instead, I find myself trying to squeeze in a few minutes post-Christmas to share all of the hours of fun we've had.  December was packed full of fun!  More Christmas Traditions include...

Decorating our live tree:
Yes, that crazy live tree adventure did end with a beautifully decorated tree!  We enlisted the help of Pappy and are quite pleased with the result:

The North Pole Express:
A nearby town hosts an annual Christmas train ride on their vintage railroad.  I took Caedmon on a similar style Thomas the Tank Engine ride their earlier this year.  Ever since my dad, a train buff, heard about the Christmas train ride he has wanted to take his fellow train lover on the ride.  This year he planned a trip to Texas to coincide with the annual event.  Thus, our whole family, including Pappy, enjoyed a ride on the North Pole Express.  The advertisement literature encouraged kids to come in their PJs but since it was quite chilly that morning, we opted to dress warm.  It was fun time, and something I'm sure we'll do again in the future...although probably not every year.

Moms and Kids Pajama Brunch:
This was our 2nd annual event.  It was quite a houseful.  I think we had over 50 people in our kitchen and living area.  It was well-controlled chaos, though, and I think most people had a great time.  We had plenty of yummy food and lots of pajama-clad kids running around.  The mommies, too, were in comfy clothes and enjoyed bits of conversation amidst keeping an eye on the kids.

A Birthday Party for Jesus:
Caedmon and Libby helped me bake a cake for Jesus.  My sister and I decorated it during naptime.  Then, after dinner on Christmas Day, we sang Happy Birthday (candle and all) and celebrated Jesus's Birthday because, after all, a birthday isn't a birthday without cake!!

Gaylord Texan ICE:
Dare I include our failed attempt to see ICE?  My sister has been wanting to see this amazing ICE sculpture exhibit since I first talked about it 4 Christmases ago.  Last year, the timing of her visit didn't allow for it, but this year it was on her "MUST DO" list.  We bought tickets for the morning of Christmas since Tom was working and we figured everyone else would be home opening gifts.  Alas, the weather was snowy and icy on Christmas eve and the roads were predicted to be nasty in the morning.  We called the Gaylord Texan and they assured us that our tickets were good for the entire day and we should just plan to arrive later.  Unfortunately, when we arrived later that afternoon, half of the Dallas-Fort Worth population had also arrived and it would be at least an hour wait - not a good idea with two small children.  Instead, we wondered around the train display for a while and headed home with a disappointed Aunt Heather and equally so, Caedmon.  Maybe next year...just not on Christmas day!

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