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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Traditions 2009, part I

I can't believe it's December! Another year has passed and we're diving into the holiday craziness again. Last year, I really enjoyed starting some traditions with Caedmon, especially since he was beginning to really "get it." This year, we're adding to our list. We started yesterday with a fun outing to North Park Mall with the main objective of seeing the trains. Last year, everyone talked about the trains but I just didn't have the energy or even desire, to drag a 5 month old and a 2 1/2 year old across town to a mall in the middle of the Christmas shopping chaos. I either have more energy or have lost more of my marbles, because this year it sounded like lots of fun.

My friend Erin and I decided that perhaps a Monday, early in the season, would be less busy...and we were right! We had a fantastic time. We started with Santa story time.

Then, we enjoyed a p b & j lunch with the added benefit of a puppet show, followed by time to run off some energy.

After the story time, we inquired about visits with Santa. This mall has a very popular Santa (he's been working there for more than 20 years) so they have this whole number system set up. You get your number and they give you a rough estimate of when to return. Then, when you return you're supposed to have a 15 minute or less wait. Well, there system did not work out so well...or at least we ran into a day that had more than the usual interruptions. Originally, we were told it would be about an hour. We returned a few times and were told it wasn't our turn yet. Finally, almost 2 hours later, we returned only to be told that a news station had been filming & interviewing kids and slowed the lines so the wait would still be 30 minutes. We decided to tough it out. 30 minutes later, Santa needed a potty break and we still had a 15 minute wait ahead of us. Finally, I took the older to kids to see the trains, while Erin waited with the little ones. We got less than 10 minutes with the trains and it was our turn. Caedmon was a little wary about sitting on Santa's lap, but when it was time, he rose to the occasion. (Apparently, he told Santa that he wants a new teddy bear for Christmas...at least that's what he's told us at least 10 times since yesterday!) Libby was not as enthused by the man in the red suit as her big brother was...

Despite the frustrating Santa wait, we really enjoyed the day with our good friends. On the way home, Caedmon said, "That was the most fun lunch ever." I was kind of confused since it was peanut butter and jelly and pears, but when I asked him to explain, he said he had so much fun with Emery and Santa and the puppets and the trains. Christmas at North Park Mall is definitely a tradition we will continue.

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