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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve Morning 2009

Santa came to our house early this year.  Christmas Eve morning to be exact.

It may look like he arrived early because his sleigh was too full with all of the gifts, but in reality, Daddy has a special "in" with Santa and made arrangements for an alternate delivery date due to the fact that he had to work on Christmas day, and we couldn't very well open presents without Daddy. Originally, Santa was going to postpone delivery until the 27th - really very nice of him since he is supposed to be on vacation by then.  However, Daddy was blessed with the whole day off on December 24 so he made a last minute call to Santa and delivery was arranged.  Of course, Caedmon and Libby weren't aware of all of this Daddy/Santa communication.  It was done in secret - phone calls? texts? emails?  Who knows?  However, we did hear the sleigh bells in the early hours of December 24th and were excited to awake to a houseful of gifts.  Santa even moved the tree from the foyer to the living room.

We enjoyed a relaxing morning of opening and playing with presents.  In our household, Santa brings one special gift and he delivers gifts from our family who are spread out around the country.  This year, Caedmon requested a teddy bear from Santa...and boy did his elves come through!  "New Bear" is big and soft and extra cozy to cuddle with and he brought along a Monkey friend for Libby.

Here are some other fun glimpses of our Christmas morning:

Oh...and one more gift that Caedmon asked for and received (sorry to all of you who weren't blessed by this one!):

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