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Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31

We were blessed to have Tom's sister Mary visit for the weekend. Tom had to work 24 hours on Saturday but the kids thoroughly enjoyed celebrating fall with their Aunt Mary. We did a costume preview on Friday evening so Tom could enjoy the kids' excitement. We didn't tell them what their costumes were until they saw them for the "preview." Caedmon was super excited but Libby wasn't quite so sure about being a tomato...perhaps she would have been more amicable to more girly attire. However, we have plenty of years for that.

On Saturday, Mary and I took the kids to a nearby pumpkin farm, where we enjoyed seeing the animals, sitting on tractors and finding our way through a corn maze.

I kept thinking about tackling a pumpkin carving project but couldn't quite muster up the enthusiasm. However, on a last minute trip to the grocery store I found $2 pumpkins and decided that it would be worth it. So to pass some of the time between dinner and trick or treating, we carved a pumpkin. Caedmon thought the insides were gross and refused to help clean it out. Surprisingly, Libby was more enthusiastic and enjoyed putting the seeds into a bowl.

When the sun finally started to go down, I gathered my two favorite veggies and we hit the neighborhood with Wolverine and a monkey (aka, our neighbors and good friends, the Hodges). Caedmon thought it was the most exciting walk he'd ever had through our neighborhood (much better than my morning exercise walks).

We were so thankful that we were able to share our fun with Aunt Mary. Caedmon told Mary (and has told me at least 3 more times since) that he had sooo much fun trick or treating with Aunt Mary that she should come back every year.

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