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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More...More...More C-boyisms

C: Why did spiderman get bit by a spider?
I give a general explanation about being in a science lab and the spider biting him.
C: No. I think it was because he didn't wear a bug band.

C: When I grow up, I will get a job. I will be Daddy's work friend. Sometimes, I will let Daddy stay home to keep you company and I will go to work by myself. If I need help at work, I will ask one of Daddy's other work friends to help me.

After reading a bedtime story, I Love You the Purplest by Barbara Joose...
Tom: Caedmon, do you love Mommy the purplest?
C: No, I love her the greenest because green is my favorite color.

C to me: Are you SURE you know how to get to E's house? This doesn't look like the same way.
Me: Yes, I know how to get there. This is the same road we always drive to get there.
C: Well, I didn't see all of these things the last time. I must have been too excited. I'm not so excited this time.

At the Creation Museum, Caedmon & I went to a kids' story time about "bugs in the Bible." The presenter passed out a paper with Bible references for verses that talk about bugs. The presenter said, "Here is a paper that will help you find the bugs in your Bible." Caedmon loudly replied, "There are no bugs in my Bible!"

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