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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Family Fun

Earlier this month, we hopped a plane to Pennsylvania for a visit with my family. We are so blessed that my parents and my sister make several trips to Texas every year. Really, the kids see someone from my family every other month or so. However, I always beg at least 2 trips back to PA out of Tom each year. My sister Amy isn't able to travel easily and neither is my grandma, who will be 91 next week. I want the kids to be able to build relationships with them, too. Also, having lived in western PA for about 25 years of my life, I still have precious friends with whom I long to share life for even a few minutes.

This trip was a great mix of family and friends...and we got to enjoy the fall weather and changing leaves as well. The kids got plenty of time with Pappy, Memama, Aunt Heather, Aunt Amy and Great Gram. They also enjoyed a few play dates with the children of my cousin and two of my dear friends. I was blessed abundantly with wonderful times of great talks over coffee or lunch with some of my most precious friends. And, Tom and I got to enjoy a night out to celebrate our 6th anniversary. On top of all that, the kids slept great! (not the case when we visited in March). The only glitch in the visit was a cancelled flight, which resulted in an extra night there. The blessing of that was an opportunity to see my uncle and aunt who I hadn't seen since my wedding!

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