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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yet More C-boyisms

Caedmon: "Daddy what are you doing?"
Tom: "I need some peace."
Caedmon to me: "Mommy, Daddy said he's knees and peas."

Caedmon has been the mail person in our house lately. He pushes Libby's Fisher Price mail cart around and delivers mail to each member of the family. If you ask him what the letter says, he'll tell you! It's almost always from him, and it usually says something like, "I love you! from Caedmon" or "Hugs and Kisses from Caedmon" or "I love Libby." We all love getting mail...sometimes Tom and I find letters by our bed before we go to sleep at night. We can't ask C what they mean but we know they were delivered by a loving mailman.

Yesterday, Caedmon told us he was going on a safari. He disappeared into our bedroom for 10 minutes or so. We peeked at him but he was just hanging out playing with his cars. Eventually he reemerged and said, "Mama, I just had so much fun on my safari." When I asked him what he saw, he replied, "I saw a gorilla and he played with me." I asked what they played. "The gorilla played cars with me!" I bet that's the first time a gorilla played with matchbox cars!

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