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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Storm In My Life

(a contemplation inspired by reading "The Shack")

Who am I when I am…
So bold as to believe that I am in charge of my life
Giving the same old excuses to live the same life… unchanged
Happy within the safety-net of the status quo of family, work, and church
Serving (when convenient) out of my abundance rather than my lack
Not really hurting anyone, but not really doing much either…
Those who deny JESUS can do the same.

Dare I to trust in Him? Do I love Him?
All too easily my lips say, “I do!”
Do I really consider the cost when I sing that He’s my All in All?
The way of the world is not eternal
I need to give up seeking after the ease of the world which I so easily justify
Rely solely upon Him, Not my insurance policies, not my 401K accounts
False is the security of money

To follow Him is to…
Keep Him first in ALL I say and do
Truly LOVE those I find different and unlovable
LISTEN, he who has ears let him hear
Get out from the midst of the thorns
And be planted into good ground
By my fruits I will declare myself.

Though a physician, I cannot “Heal Thyself”
I am still but a SINNER
The Holy Spirit tugs at me during brief interludes of my life
Less to self, more for God’s Kingdom
Remember, Repent, Return
Re-NEW my heart Lord
So I can Re-LIVE... Re-LOVE… be Re-STORED
Help my unbelief!

The first step is the hardest when FAITH is weak
What did Peter think before he stepped out of the boat?
Help me to run to You at the sound of your voice
Like my children running into my arms when I come home
Let my steps be a pleasing testimony to you
As great my love for my children, help me to see that you love me even more
And may the unity between my wife and I, be a reflection of You
Help me to believe wholly that the tapestry of our lives You weave is GOOD.

By His GRACE only…
God loves me
Desires me
Pursues me
Died and Rose VICTORIOUS for me

I want to know God
Love God
Desire God
Pursue God
Live radically for God

Won’t you join me in this prayer today?

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