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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reflections on the Shores of Kauai

You are GOD, the Almighty... Needing no one, yet wanting us as an inheritance... Crazy
The Alpha and the Omega, standing outside of time
We are but Man, who deny this truth, in order to play as gods of the earth
Fools on the Road to Destruction
Shadows… beguiling, mesmerizing, shadows of heaven on earth
That make me think I am in paradise, or so I believe

Can our lifeless, automated, plugged in cities compare to the majesty of your creation?
Can we hold back the oceans at the shore with but a whisper?
Can we carve canyons out of the mountainside?
Can we paint anything more colorful compared the the hues You prepare in the skies?
As the grains of sand trickle in between my toes, I cannot even fathom this simplest of your creations
You have numbered every piece, each one different
How much more intricate and awesome you made us, yet we deny You

But creation testifies…
The sun warms our aging bodies
The sea breeze rushes past my ears declaring You are God
The surf crashes continuing its never-ceasing song of worship
And we… we are but man, and to dust we will return

Floating on my back in the ocean, the waters envelope me
Trying to cup it only to feel it slipping through my fingertips
Seeing the daytime moon against the bright blue of the sky
Hearing the waves against the rocks
Tasting the spray of the saltwater
Smelling the cleanliness of the ocean air
I am alive, I am here now, all my senses attuned

Breathing, contemplating…
The world as I know it is not my home
It's too comfortable and safe to live the way I am on this wide road
Which in the end does NOT lead to You

You, Lord, are all there is
You, Lord love and give life

We must break free from the world man has created
Pilgrims, aliens, strangers are we to be in this world
Pray for the strength to change our lives to live as Christ exampled for us
We are called to shine and help point others back to our lost home
Live, Live, Live in the light of that knowledge


  1. Beautifully stated. He is on His throne. We are not alone. In a world of uncertainty He is our constant and we will not be shaken. Oh, how much He gives and how much we freely take and take for granted. We are His sheep and may we be obedient and go where He leads. There is a world that surrounds us that needs to be discipled.

  2. Lynette,

    That is so beautifully written. I am in awe of your God given talent and humbled by your words.


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