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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kauai 2009: North Shore Paradise

We’re at the end of our time on the north part of the island. Today we head south to spend the rest of our vacation on the East side of Kauai, a part of the island where we have never stayed. Our next condo will have a garden view. We’re a bit sad about leaving behind the sound and views of oceans waves. However, this week has been a blessing and we know that we are doubly blessed to have a 2nd week on this beautiful island with the beach still just steps away. We have played and rested and enjoyed time together as a family. We have also been blessed to have Tom’s mom with us, which meant that Tom and I got a date night and lots of time to relax and the kids got special times of playing in the sand and at the pool with Nai Nai.
As we predicted, our week was very low key. Our days started with the sunrise. We played in the sand and jumped the ocean waves. We explored tide pools and watched for crabs. We mostly ate-in with food we stocked up on, but also took an occasional trip into the town of Hanalei to grab a bite to eat. We watched the ocean, para-surfers, helicopters, boaters and jet skiers from our condo window and today, we caught sight of a rainbow. Our nights ended with sunsets and then views of beautiful moonlit waves.

Our only big adventure away from our condo was a trip to Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens mid-week. (We met a family of 4 there finishing up their 7th week of vacation on the islands! … yes 7th week!!!) We visited the gardens last year and Caedmon would not have been satisfied without a repeat visit. The highlight of our tour is the final part – the Children’s Garden. It is truly a child’s paradise with amazing sculptures and playthings that encourage imaginations to run wild. Caedmon probably could have played there all day! Even Libby enjoyed her visit this year, especially walking in the Jack and the Beanstalk wading pool.
We don't know what the next week will bring, but we'll keep you posted as we won't be quite so unplugged (WiFi in the condo...and even a TV). Until our next post, ALOHA!

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