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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kauai 2009: More Island Adventures

Since our Eastern coast condo had WiFi, we had great aspirations of keeping our bloggy readers more up to date on our travels once we left the North shore. Instead, I finished writing this post 3 days after we arrived home and barely out of my jet lagged stupor. Alas, pictures are worth a thousand words so rather than bore you with too many words, I'll do more pictures, less words. (BTW, the picture above is Tom's favorite drive in all of Kauai... a Eucalyptus Tree Tunnel that he loves so much because of the sense of calm and beauty he feels when he drives through it).

We were pleasantly surprised at how nice our next condo was. Although we missed the amazing ocean views (what better decor do you really need), our new place still had a small view of the ocean and also easy access to the pool. Besides a regular pool and a "keiki" (kiddie) pool, the resort also had a nice sand box with more sand toys than Caedmon could ever use. Needless to say, he was quite happy.

The beach that bordered the resort was rather rocky and the ocean was too rough for swimming. However, there was a great swimming beach just a short drive away. We spent 3 of our five mornings there. Besides having calm waters to swim and good castle-building sand, it also had a really great playground so after we had enough surf and sand, we enjoyed swings and slides. Always a hit with our kiddos!

Being an early bird family, we planned most of our adventures for early mornings. Besides the beach, we did a few touristy things. We enjoyed the beauty and diversity of God's creation, taking in some waterfalls and the "Hawaiian Grand Canyon," aka Waimea Canyon. We also visited Hanapepe and walked across the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge.

Caedmon and I also enjoyed a Hula show. It was a 5pm show and Libby was spent so Tom opted to stay home and feed her dinner and put her to bed. Caedmon really enjoyed the show, though. I had planned to leave after a dance or two but the little man insisted that we stay until the VERY end.

So that's Kauai 2009 in a nutshell...or should I say, a coconut shell, since it took us several posts to share our adventure with you. The pictures make it look like it was all beautiful sunsets and aromatic leis, but as with any family travel we also had our fair share of stressful moments, misunderstandings and disagreements, teary eyes and poopy diapers. Fortunately, the happiest parts are what always stand out in our memories. And truly, spending two weeks in island paradise together, left us rested and thankful for the abundance of uninterrupted family time as we marveled at God and His breathtaking creation. As we return to our daily routine, we have been convicted by our vacation reading of "Crazy Love", that our lives must be more centered on bringing glory to our Creator. We're not exactly sure what changes this will inspire but we are thankful for the time we've had to contemplate how God wants us to live in relationship with Him. With another set of adventures tucked into our family story, we wish you all ALOHA !!!

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