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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kauai 2009: Good Eats

We always look forward to good fruit and fresh fish when we travel to Hawaii. We tend to eat most of our meals at the condo, stocking up on supplies before we settle in. However, we did enjoy some fine and tasty dining out on Kauai this year. Here is a sampling of our vacation in food...

Yummy Plate Lunch of Garlic Shrimp, rice and cabbage slaw from Savage Shrimp Truck:

Our hummus fix from the Mediterranean Gourmet:
Date night at Postcards Cafe - taro fritter appetizer, Monchong fish for dinner and chocolate pie and coconut sorbet for dessert. Mmmmm!:

Gourmet breakfast by Tom in our lovely condo by the sea - eggs, bacon and taro english muffins:
Kilauea Fish Market - our favorite for taste and freshness but we could do without the friendly flies in the outdoor eating - shrimp cocktail, fish tacos, fish plate lunch, tofu wrap and Korean beef:

We forgot to take pictures of Tom's all time favorite Kauai eating establishment - Hamura's Saimin Stand (although I did scrounge up a picture of saimin) but we did bring home some of their famous Lilikoi (passionfruit) pie:

If you're going to be on vacation, you might as well enjoy a good burger. That philosophy led us to Bubba Burger for lunch one afternoon. And enjoy, we did! Burgers, fries, onion rings and milkshakes all around:

We usually make a stop at Kalaheo Coffee Shop on our way to see the western part of the island, but we bypassed it this time and instead, popped into Hanapepe Cafe & Bakery. It was worth the change. The pastries were divine and the coffee was fresh, too:

When we ventured out that morning, we didn't plan on driving all the way up to the canyon, but since we did, it was time for lunch when we drove back into Waimea. Since the kids love shrimp, the Shrimp Station seemed to be a logical choice for us:

We tried to be good photojournalists and take pictures of every fine dining experience, but we did miss a few. Other favorites were fish (Mahi Mahi and Opakapaka) and chips at Hanalei Gourmet and ahi nori wraps at Caffe Coco. The wraps were so yummy that we intend to try to recreate them at home! As you can tell, we enjoyed some good food!!

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  1. My sister is actually on a plane right now to Kauai, so I've been emailing her this post for all your dining recommendations. :)


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