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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

Caedmon has hit that stage that every parent dreads. The "Why?" stage. Lately, every car ride with my son involves at least 5,346 questions that begin with the word "Why?" and I don't know the answer to about 5,345 of those questions. It's quite fun. So in the spirit of Caedmon, I am coming to you with my very own "Why?" question...

Why are ducks always portrayed as yellow?

Libby has been learning lots of new words and recently she seems to have picked up "duckie." As she practices this word, I realized that every toy duck and most ducks in picture books are yellow. However, I cannot recall ever seeing a yellow duck in real life. There is a duck pond at the park near our house and most of the ducks there are multi-colored - brown, green, white - or on occasion we'll spot a white duck with a yellow bill. Tom and I tried looking up our answer online but the best we got was some bulletin boards where people had comments such as, "ducks aren't yellow, retard." So very helpful!

Do any of you bloggy friends have a better answer for this puzzled mama?

1 comment:

  1. Baby ducks are yellow. Also yellow is a soothing color for little kids.


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