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Sunday, August 23, 2009

No More Naps?!?

Caedmon has been trying to convince us (and maybe himself) that he is growing out of his need for naps. Several days a week, he spends nap time playing in his room. That would be okay if: 1. he could really do without the sleep and 2. he still let me have my free time.

Some days he seems to do okay without the nap. It's on days we've had a busy, active morning that the nap bans surprise me. Such was the case on Monday. Caedmon had SoccerTots at noon and ran for a whole 50 minutes! He had also gone to bed late the night before and arisen early as usual. Still, he chose nap avoidance. I was quite frustrated by this since I had been up caring for a sick Libby the night before and really needed a restful nap myself.

Alas, once Libby awoke from her nap, I decided to pack the kids in the car to make a grocery run. Mind you, the nearest grocery store is literally 1/4 mile from our house - a 2 minute drive at most. As we pulled into the parking lot of the store, Caedmon's voice chimed from the backseat..."Mama, can I ride in the TV cart?" I told him that would be fine and proceeded to park the car. I decided to carry L-girl in the Ergo backpack carrier since she was sick. Once I had her secure on my back, I went to Caedmon's side to let him out of his seat. He was sound asleep! He would not budge...not even with the promise of a ride in the TV cart. I decided that I would not let him foil my trip, especially since he would probably awaken once we got home. Instead, I put him into a shopping cart (still asleep mind you). I kept thinking that being jostled by the bumpy road would awaken him...or perhaps the noisy store...or the fact that his head kept bobbing every which way. Alas, the boy slept through the entire trip!!!

He even made it home and slept for another hour on my bed. So much for not needing a nap!

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