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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kauai 2009: Unplugged

It’s kind of funny to me to realize that this is our fifth visit to Kauai since we’ve been married. First of all, Tom and I both love to travel and we used to talk about how it’s not worth going to the same place over and over again when there are so many places to see in the world. Second, Tom is not a beach person. He’ll be the first to tell you that his last choice of a vacation would be a beach, where he’d sip a fruity drink while basking in the sun, and I’m sure when we tell people that we’re coming to Hawaii that’s probably what they picture us doing. However, on our first visit to Kauai, we both fell in love with the island. It is truly a relaxing, laid back place. Tom always leaves the island feeling completely renewed even with the long plane rides and jet lagged kids – which is pretty amazing! I’ve also found that it’s nice to come somewhere a little bit familiar when you have two little ones tagging along. Tom says that I’ve already memorized every road on the island and that is just one of the benefits of coming here. When we got off the plane on Friday night, we knew the whole drill – where to get luggage and rental car as well as how to get to the local stores for supplies. Life is much happier for everyone because much of the usual stress associated with arriving at a new destination is diminished. Of course, there’s always some stress but I even found that this time, knowing what causes the stress and expecting it helped me to deal with it much better.

Our favorite place on the island is the North. However, it’s over an hour drive from the airport and the best supply shopping. Because of this, our usual plan is always to spend the first part of our trip in the south – however, just one night this time. After a quick visit to the beach, we did some more shopping before heading north. On Kauai, we always stay in condos that have full kitchens. We stock up on food and eat in most of the trip. It’s much easier and cheaper to do things that way, especially when dealing with jet lagged children. We discovered that the hard way. When Caedmon was 5 months old we brought him to Kauai to celebrate our 3rd anniversary (I know, we are truly romantics). That was our first stay on the north shore and we made reservations at a nice restaurant. We booked the earliest time possible but 6 pm was 11 pm for Caedmon and he had no interest in dining. Our romantic dinner for two ended up being a solo dining experience with Tom dealing with Caedmon in the parking lot while I wolfed down my food and savored gulped my wine and then traded off with Tom so he could taste a bit of the gourmet food. That was the end of our dreams of Hawaiian gourmet dining-out with children. Since the kids are now older, we may eat out a bit more this time, but most likely, it will be lunches. But we are hoping to get a night out and really enjoy that restaurant this year. (one of the benefits of bringing grandma along)

All of that to say we traveled north on the second day and settled into our condo for the upcoming week. After unloading the car and stocking the kitchen, Caedmon's enthusiasm took us all out to the beach, i.e. the giant sandbox! Libby keeps calling the ocean a giant "pool." We had to drag Caedmon off the beach for dinner and bedtime...with promises of lots of sand/water play the rest of the week.

Jet lag seems to be wearing off much more quickly this time and both kids slept all night and awoke just in time for the sunrise.
The rest of our week here will be rather mundane but for us the most enjoyable - the nonstop sound of ocean waves 24/7, lots of sand castle building and wave jumping, and long afternoon naps. For the most part we're even unplugged (of course, Tom's fancy Blackberry would work even on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro) - no TV, radio or Internet at the resort. We have to walk to a nearby restaurant to access WiFi. Our camera works just fine though. Shhh! Tom doesn't know it but I even got a picture of our high end maid service that came free with the premium ocean front condo!

Finally, the picture you've all been waiting for...

Our deluxe free maid service - cleans up after every meal!

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  1. Looks and sounds relaxing! I hope that you have a very enjoyable week!


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