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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kauai 2009: Jets and Jet Lag

Well, we survived the plane flight and the first night, so vacation has officially begun! WooHoo!

Thanks to anyone who prayed for our journey. In an unusual break from his strict routine, Tom (AKA the "Packing Nazi") actually allotted for ONE suitcase to be checked in on the airplane... all this despite him bringing for himself one pair of swim trunks and a pair of shorts, along with 2 t-shirts, and a Hawaiian shirt, and with feet in sandals... stating all the while that he would just buy whatever wardrobe he needed when he got there! So, with our Radian-60 and Radian-80 car-seats strapped onto each of our backs, our usual two small knapsacks, Ergo child carrier, (and NO STROLLER this time) we were off for Kauai! We had briefly considered renting the car-seats, but on one of our early trips we quickly learned that the car-seats that you rent for $5-10/day are very cheap and seldom secure well into the rental car... so despite the hassle of lugging our own, we felt that safety and comfort for Caedmon and Libby were well worth it.

Tom and I were both wary of the 8 hour flight with the kiddos. As usual, we over-prepared for Caedmon. We shelled out some dough to buy on-flight entertainment for him (a Leapster2 complete with several game cartridges, several DVD movies, even brought our airplane power adapter for our laptop - none of which he has ever needed on our previous trips) and we never had to get it out! He did fantastic! A Color Wonder coloring book, food, a nap, and the in-flight movie showing of Wall-E entertained him. Libby also rose to the occasion. While she was a little more challenging than her big brother, she still far exceeded our expectations. She even took a long nap (maybe close to 3 hours) and she and I took a stroll down the aisles, where she befriended as many fellow passengers as she could with her smile and toddling. She had a few fussy times but they were relatively short. The best part was that we were in one of those sections where there are only about 10 rows at most and half of the passengers in our section were kids under the age of 8. That took away most of the stress when either of the kids did have a loud moment. Everyone was in the same boat so you could feel the empathy emanating in the cabin. The flight attendants were super friendly and expressed their willingness to be patient with the kid cabin, too. Overall, the packing and travel to get here was probably the least stressful we have ever experienced as a family. Praise God! That could only have been a result of lots of prayer!!

The first night was fairly sleepless as we expected. The kids handled the late night better than we could have imagined, though. By the time we landed in Kauai, it was 9:30 pm Texas time. We were pretty certain that Libby was going to be done for the night, but she hung in there through the car rental, initial 1st night grocery/supply shopping, and was still going strong as we settled into our oceanfront condo. The lights went out around 8 pm (1 am Texas time) and both kids were on adrenaline highs. Libby did end up in bed with us for a while and then awoke around 2 am. Caedmon soon joined her. They had "breakfast" of bananas and cheerios and enjoyed the sound of crashing waves from the balcony. Everyone was back to bed by 4 am and slept until 6:30 when we went out for a stroll on the beach. The grown-ups don't feel particularly rested, but we're on vacation and we have hope for future nights.

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