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Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Girl!

When we spend some time with Libby around here, the same word keeps popping up - JOY! She is so full of life. She keeps smiles and laughter always present in our house.

I think both Tom and I would agree that we love the excitement of bringing a new baby home but it is just plain hard for the 6 months...or maybe the first year Yes, there are moments of fun and joy but once that baby starts talking and walking, we finally start to reap the benefits of the sleepless nights and demanding days of the past year. With Libby now 14 months old, we are reaping abundantly these days.

As you read in a prior post, Libby is on the move! In the past week, she has gone from taking a few steps when encouraged to choosing to walk to her destination. She's still not a full blown walker, but she's not far from it. Every day, her confidence grows. She's very excited about her new skill, too. Instead of a look of caution, she has a full open mouthed smile like this is the most fun she's had in all her life.

My dad has been visiting this week and he, too, keeps commenting on Libby's happy personality. One of her favorite games to play with Pappy is peek-a-boo. It's not the mild mannered peek-a-boo with which you are probably familiar. Oh no! With Libby, peek-a-boo involves using her whole body and lots of laughs as she squats down behind the ottoman and pops up giggling away! She's also into Pat-a-Cake. She will grab our hands and make us clap and she's not happy with just one time. She wants us to keep playing and playing and playing.

Walking is not the only skill she is developing. Libby's vocabulary grows daily as well. We have been trying to use some sign language with her and she is using it pretty well. She knows what she needs to do to communicate! She was sick with croup this past week and it was such a blessing that she was able to communicate with us a little even if it was just to tell us when she was all done with a middle of the night drink.

Even when she's not directly communicating with us, it's obvious that language intrigues her. One of her favorite things is her toy phone. She walks around with it all the time. She always answers "hello!" and then she will proceed to babble into the phone for minutes on end. I guess I must set a bad example for that one! She also loves to hang out by the book shelf. She will pull books down and flip the pages, pretending to read aloud. I must admit that I haven't done as well at reading to her as I do with Caedmon. However, she does hear us reading all day. She just doesn't get as much board book time as her brother did. She's subjected to more "grown up" picture books. I need to make more of an effort to give her equal time, especially now that she's willing to sit through a book.

Part of her bedtime routine is to read Mem Fox's Time for Bed. She is quite an active part of the reading time. She tells us many of the animal sound and does several signs. After we read the book, I pray for her and she ends the prayer by saying "mmmMEN!" Then, I always get my bedtime hug. She still seems to discriminate and give most hugs to mommy and kisses to daddy.

We can't imagine life with out our Libby! I pray that she will maintain a joyful spirit throughout her life and that she will be a blessing to all who meet her.

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