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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Animal Adventures

Like most kiddos in their first years of life, my children LOVE animals. It's no wonder since most of our children's book library has books with animals as their main character. Anyway, over the past few weeks we've done lots of animal activites so here's a recap.

During the last week of July, Caedmon attended "Zoo Camp." He got to spend 3 hours every morning at the Fort Worth Zoo learning about animals. He thought it was about the best activity he did all summer...maybe in all his short little life. The zookeeper brought animals to their classroom almost every day (an owl, a snake, etc) and each day they also took a field trip into the zoo. Beyond this and the fact that they got to ride the zoo train, sit "criss cross applesauce" and had to raise their hands before asking the zookeeper questions, I'm not sure what else occurred in those 3 hours but I do know that Caedmon was sad for the week to end and is praying that we let him go back next year.

We also spent a Saturday morning at the Dallas Children's Museum with some friends. While it wasn't all animals, one of the highlights was the farm area where Caedmon got to milk a cow! It wasn't a live cow, but still, he got to sit on a stool and pull the udders and water came out (that just sounds strange, huh?). He thought it was pretty cool!

And, in fact, he got to milk another cow at Heritage Farmstead Museum a few weeks later. On a tip from another blog, we found out that the farm has a special story time/tour on summer Thursdays so we rounded up some friends and went for a visit last Thursday. On the Farmer Duck tour, we got to feed the chickens, milk the cow - "not a real cow, but it had a face" says Caedmon - and do other farm chores from days of yore. (that's a bit of Caedmon's green shirt peeking out from under the cow)

Our most recent animal activity was a Sunday morning trip to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center or as Caedmon calls it, "The Safari Zoo." Sunday mornings are generally church time but Libby had a rash that would have kept her out of the nursery and we all had a bit of cabin fever so why not enjoy God's amazing creation! We love Fossil Rim so much that we hold yearly membership and wish we could visit more than we do. The big highlight for this trip was when the giraffes ate out of our hands! Yes, they stuck their big ole heads into the window and licked the feed right out of our hands. Caedmon and I were thrilled to befriend these giant creatures. Libby was a little less certain. Caedmon also claims brushing the goats at the petting zoo as one of his highlights. In his words, "I love the giraffes....I love goats."

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  1. Good to see you all are having so much fun. We have never been to Fossil Rim. If you ever want to go at a time Tom can't we would love to go with you.


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