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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Post college, I spent 4 months studying at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. It was an experience that has impacted my life in numerous ways, some of which are still being discovered. One of the many positive experiences I had there was meeting some wonderful homeschooling parents with well-adjusted, smart, social kids. Prior to that experience most of the homeschooled children I had met were not well socialized...or maybe just not very outgoing kids. Anyway, even as a teacher in public and Christian schools, I have always admired homeschoolers. I have not, however, always desired to be a homeschooler. I have trouble reconciling how one manages to balance being a mom and a teacher. How one manages to educate their child and keep a clean house and feed the family well balanced meals and most of all, stay sane!

However, 3+ years ago, while I was pregnant with our baby boy, Tom and I read "Bringing Up Boys" by James Dobson, and Tom was especially convicted that homeschooling should be one of our top schooling options. I have been praying about it ever since. Tom has become more and more enthusiastic about the prospect to the point that it is really his only choice for educating our children. I am still praying...

I can find myself getting really excited about all of the things that we could do in a homeschool environment and then, quickly becoming overwhelmed by all of those very same things. Truly, our main reason for pursuing this is so that we can give our children an education that is rooted in a Christian worldview and have the maximum time to build our relationship with them and their relationship with God. Of course, the other benefit is being able to tie their learning into our love of travel and whisk them around the world to experience the things they are learning. Other benefits include designing my teaching to match their learning styles and speeds.

Then there are the drawbacks for me - trying to be organized with my time and daily schedule so we can balance homeschool and social activities and life responsibilities, lack of free time for me. I sometimes dream of having the time to be able to volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center or lead a Bible study or just meet a friend for coffee in the middle of the day without children not to mention joining an exercise class or some other educational venture for just me without worrying about who will watch the kids. For now, I am reconciling this with the knowledge that the sacrifice for my children will be more than worthwhile in the end - delayed gratification. Also, there's the knowledge that if for some reason, this doesn't work for us, there are numerous great Christian school options in our area.

So...I am currently sifting through all of the homeschool information in an effort to begin a little homeschool preschool with Caedmon this year. He can't wait...otherwise, I would be very tempted to do just that - wait. However, on his way to zoo camp this morning, he was already asking what his next school experience would be. Almost every day, he asks me when we will do "home school." I have two more days (a total of 7 hours while he is at zoo camp and I am on my own) to make a plan and prep my materials so I can begin our adventure of homeschool next week. I am still not sure how I will find the right balance, get everything done and stay sane. I am still praying...and I have a feeling my knees will be continue to be well-worn as we journey through this experience!


  1. I think you'll very much enjoy the journey! (Not every minute of every day, of course, but a lot of the time!)

    I have something I developed for Strider when he was about that age -- I called it "Letter Fun Days" and it has ideas for each letter of the alphabet... Anyway, I can send it to you if you want!
    Just let me know...

  2. I am a public school teacher and I have these same thoughts with my youngest son.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to share about thyroid issues - I appreciate all the input!


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