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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Home" Vacation

Tom had last week off work. We are usually the consummate travelers but we're kind of worn out from dealing with jet lagged babies. After all, vacation is supposed to correlate somehow with rest, right? So after lots of sleepless nights (on the past few travels), we decided to take a hiatus from travel and stay home this year. (well, as with all decisions, this may change but for now anyway...) I know the new catch word is "staycation", but Caedmon coined this the "home vacation." As in, "Daddy, you're on home vacation since you don't have to work this week."

We had a great week together. One of the highlights for me was getting to hand off the 5 am wake up/potty calls from Caedmon and doing some "sleep-in" training for Libby. I'm proud to say that Libby can now make it until 6 am before nearing a hunger tantrum, which means that nursing will be coming to an end in just a few more weeks. Caedmon, however, seems to have reverted to his 5 am wake ups and won't be deterred (any thoughts on helping my kids to sleep until at least 7 am would be very welcome!).

We also enjoyed some backyard entertaining, breaking in the new playset, the swimming pool and our patio furniture.

On Monday, we made a morning trip to the zoo. We have membership to the zoo and the kids and I make somewhat frequent trips there. It's membership appreciation month so we got to take advantage of the early opening as well as a free train ride. We were also excited to see the "Hippo Enrichment Feeding." However, that turned into the downfall of our zoo trip since we waited for 20 minutes and even with our "front row"seats, we couldn't see anything. I hope the hippos were enriched, because we (especially the grown-ups) did not feel at all enriched by the experience. Alas, the kids enjoyed seeing some animals and the train ride is always a highlight!

On Tuesday, we awoke to rainy weather. However, we ventured out on a day trip to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, which is kind of like a African Safari in the heart of Texas. I cannot count how many times I've been to Fossil Rim and each time I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It was one of my first "Texas dates" with Tom and Caedmon has been at least a handful of times. This was Libby's first experience but she enjoyed more than any of us expected. The weather was perfect. It was not crowded at all and we got to see all of our favorite animals. We almost thought we were going to miss the giraffes but it ended up being one of our best giraffe sitings of all times (except for the time giraffe ate out of Caedmon's and my hand).

The rest of the week was low key - lots of playtime, naps and swimming.

Maybe not as exciting as a trip around the world, but sweet, sweet family time nonetheless...


  1. sounds like you had a great "home" vacation! :-) L-girl is getting so much older-looking! And, I'm so impressed that you've kept up with breastfeeding this long!

  2. What a fun family time! When you get the itch to travel (even a short trip), keep AZ in mind. :) We're on a short leash for a while...but for good reason! :)


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