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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Help! It's raining!!

Days like Thursday make me glad that I don't live in a rainier climate. Yes, I know, I complain entirely too much about the scorching Texas summers, but after the torrential downpour of this morning, I'm not sure I would handle monsoon weather any better. Perhaps, I'm just out of practice in dealing with gray skies. After all, I've heard it said that Pittsburgh has as many if not more cloudy, rainy days as Seattle. However, I have been a Texan for 6 years now...well, maybe I'm not ready to be called a Texan but at least a resident of Texas.

I don't mind a good storm. It's amazing to see the power of the wind and the rain and to be reminded that Jesus calmed a storm with just a few words. Our God is powerful and in control!

On Wednesday night, we got a good Texas storm. We were just turning off Caedmon's light when I looked outside and saw our Little Tykes slide upside down in the swimming pool! I then noticed that the 30 foot trees in our neighbor's yard were bending in half from the wind and finally, heard the tornado sirens...and to think we were swimming in the pool just a few hours earlier. Well, we grabbed both kids from their beds and headed downstairs to clean out the storm shelter (which has become a storage closet) and turn on the TV. As it happened, by the time we accomplished those two things, the sirens were off and we were able to tuck both kids back into bed. I may complain about a lot of different sleep issues, but one thing I can say about my kids is that they always sleep through storms. It's almost like the thunder and lightening induce a sleep coma for them. We didn't hear a peep from either child until morning and we put them back to bed in the midst of a huge thunder storm that lasted all night! Crazy!!!

The slide in the swimming pool became a minor issue especially once I realized that we had water - lots of water- dripping from the ceiling fan in our study. Just as we gathered enough towels and buckets to deal with that, we noticed a puddle forming in the foyer. Lovely...Who ever said that a new house doesn't have issues?

Fortunately, Tom has found a reliable "handyman" with lots of experience and knowledge in most home repairs. Tom scheduled him to come the next afternoon and he thinks he'll be able to fix the various leak issues

The rain was only supposed to last a few hours but it dragged on through the morning and the three of us (Caedmon, Libby and I) were a bit stir-crazy by the time we made it to lunch. It didn't help that Caedmon was looking forward to his swim lesson (now cancelled) and I was hoping to run several errands which I quickly rethought once I realized how wet we would all be if we attempted to leave the house.

Instead, Caedmon and I made "thunder cake." One of Caedmon's favorite books of late is Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco. It is a sweet story of a grandma teaching her granddaughter that she needn't be afraid of thunderstorms by making "thunder cake." Caedmon has been dying to make thunder cake. He asks every time there is even a hint of rain. Once a few months back, we made "thunder cookies," i.e., chocolate chips. He wasn't fooled...nor deterred. As soon as he saw the rain and heard the thunder and ran for his book and opened it to the recipe. I finally caved. We had nothing else to do and amazingly, we had all of the ingredients. As soon as Libby went down for her morning nap, we gathered our ingredients and made "thunder cake." Yum! Just what we need in our house - a giant chocolate cake.

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