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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

C-boy Conversations

Riding in the car provokes deep conversations in our family. At least, Caedmon's mind seems to be in overdrive as soon as he is buckled into his carseat. For example, today we talked about robots for the entire 20 minute drive to swim lessons...and on the way back home again. It was inspiring, people. Or in my case, brain frying! I was glad when we pulled into the garage because I don't think I could have answered one more question about robots, even though I am the robot guru. Ha!

Here are a few of our recent car talks for your reading enjoyment...

A few weeks ago, we installed Libby's convertible car seat. She still fits in the infant bucket but we no longer moved it in and out so we decided to upgrade her. The brand new convertibles (one for each car) had been sitting on our dining room table (aka, storage central) for weeks. And to be completely honest, Tom was forced to install the carseat...either that or let his parents wait at the airport for hours. I accidentally took Libby's infant seat with me. Oops! All that babbling to get to this story. Libby's new seat is the same brand as Caedmon's and thus, looks very similar. When we took our first family car trip (likely to Costco) with Libby in her new seat, Caedmon was thoroughly confused. He couldn't figure out why Libby was sitting in HIS seat. We kept trying to point out to him that we now have two almost identical seats. When he finally came to grips with the new car seat arrangement, he said, "Did you buy it in the store or did it come in the mail?" (Do ya think we shop online a little too much?!) We reminded him of the day it came in the mail and his response was, "Well, that was a long day ago."

On another recent trip, our conversation took a different turn:
C-boy: "When we move to a new house, we can take the playset with us."
Me: "Sure, Caedmon, if we ever move, we'll take the playset with us. We want you & Libby to enjoy playing with it for a long time."
C-boy: "Well, we should move to Machu Picchu and we'll take the playset to our new house."
Me: "Machu Picchu is kind of far away. I don't think we'll move that far and it would be very hard to move the playset there. Besides, Memama and Pappy won't come to visit very often if we move THAT far away."
C-boy: " Memama and Pappy will just have to ride in the airplane for a long ride but they can visit us."
Me: "Memama and Pappy will WANT to visit us but they just won't be able to come because it's too far."
C-boy: "Don't worry. They can come. Jesus will be with them."
At this point, I called my mom to tell her about the conversation. She told me to suggest that Caedmon may want to move to Pennsylvania instead so he would be able to see them all the time. I relayed this info to Caedmon and this is what transpired...
C-boy: "Would we live in their house?"
Me: "No if we ever moved to Pennsylvania, we would have to buy our own house but it would be close to them and we would see them often. But, we will probably always live in Texas because Daddy's job is here and Daddy takes care of us by working at his job to pay for food and clothes and stuff."
C-boy: "Well, Daddy can just get a job at Home Depot with Pappy."

One last deep Caedmon thought...on our way to church on Sunday:
C-boy: "When I get to heaven, I have some questions for Pharoah."
Me: "Caedmon, I'm not sure that Pharoah will be in Heaven. He didn't seem to love God and only people who love Jesus get to go to Heaven. I can't be sure, though. Only God really knows what was in Pharoah's heart."
C-boy: "Well, where is Pharoah if he's not in Heaven."
Of course, then I had to field questions about Hell and a whole rabbit trail of other topics. All I know is that I need to pray up about my conversations with Caedmon because he's already asking some tough questions and he's only 3!

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  1. I am right there with you. The spiritual questions are especially difficult as they are hard to accurately and honestly answer at their level.


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