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Friday, May 15, 2009

Never a Dull Moment...

As if stitches weren't enough...this week it was surgery. Yes, you read that right - SURGERY with anesthesia and all...

Last week, we noticed that Caedmon had a "boo boo" on the bottom of his foot on the arch part. It was already scabbed over and we were surprised to realize that he had never complained about it. Tom took one look at it and said that he thought there was something in it. He tried to get at it to see if he could tell what it was or possibly even get it out but Caedmon was not at all cooperative. From what he could see he decided that maybe it wasn't a big deal or at the very least we could wait for Monday's 3 year old well visit at the pediatrician.

Monday came and the pediatrician took one look and said that she definitely thought it needed to be looked at. She referred us to a pediatric surgeon who required an ultrasound to determine what the culprit was. I made the ultrasound appointment for Thursday and was informed that it would likely be 2 to 3 weeks before we got in to the surgeon.

When Tom heard that, he sprung into action. Before anyone could fully comprehend what was happening, I was driving Caedmon to the hospital where Tom works to have the surgery that afternoon. Tom convinced one of the surgeons he works with to look at Caedmon's foot. The pediatrician appointment was at 10 am. By 2 pm, Caedmon was in the hospital undergoing anesthesia. I didn't even fully comprehend the situation until I was sitting in the waiting room awaiting news of what they found...

A piece of glass.

Yes, the offender was a piece of glass.

Can anyone tell me how my not quite 3 year old stepped on a piece of glass and didn't ever tell us? No tears. No "ouch that hurt." Nothing! He has cried and complained more about changing the bandage than he did about the injury itself.

I should have realized. I think Caedmon just has a high tolerance for pain. When he was 9 months old, I took him for a well-visit and the pediatrician told me that he had an ear infection. He had never seemed out of sorts but he had a bad ear infection. I guess that should have been my clue that I had a tough cookie on my hands.

So in 3 weeks, we've experienced a trip to the ER for stitches and a trip to the OR to remove glass from his foot. Oh, and over the weekend he got a bug bite that caused his hand to swell to 3 times its normal size. He didn't tell us about that until the next day either. I guess we will have to give him the once over every night before bed. I'm just afraid of what else we may find!


  1. Oh my! What an adventure...I hope it's calmer with L-girl! :-)

  2. Man, you are having quite a time right now. I don't think we will ever have this problem with Katherine. She cries at the tiniest little scrape or bump.

  3. What a tough little guy! I am so glad he is OK. I hope his mama is hanging in there too! I love you friend!


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