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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Confessions of a Delinquent Blogger

To all of my readers out there (how many is that? One?),

I am sorry that I have been such a lazy blogger. Not so long ago, I was only a blog reader not a blog writer. In those days, I would get so frustrated by bloggers who did not post entries for long periods of time and then suddenly updated 6 months of their lives in one evening. And yet, I find myself in that same place right now. Well, maybe not 6 months but at least one or two months that have been jam packed with activity - Caedmon's birthday, Libby's new skills, visits from family, etc. Despite my own delinquent blogging, I am still a voracious blog reader. I find myself reading blogs that are so well written and interesting and then, I get inspired to write my own witty and clever entries. However, when I have time to write, I have either have a million other things to do or I am too tired to think straight...not to mention that mommy brain seems to have zapped all creative writing abilities I may have had. So please take this as my confession, my apology and my promise to catch up and stay caught up (or at least not get so very far behind).

Lazy Blogger of the Year
aka Lynette


  1. I could very easily have written this exact same post on my blog. I'm constantly composing blog posts in my mind, yet never get around to posting them. I always just end up tossing a few pictures up there and calling it a day.

  2. Hey Lynette - your post is so cute...and so understandable! You are a busy, busy mom, and when the time comes to put the posts into action, there can be a ton of other things to do. :-) You could change your "lazy blogger of the year" to "busy mama of the year" (along with all the other busy mamas! :-)

  3. It seems like a lot of my friends are in a blog rut right now. I know that I feel like that and have been literally forcing myself to post. But I know that lately my blogs have been very dull to my readers and are just for me.


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