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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Blessings

My birthday was yesterday. As it was approaching, I was struck by how insignificant it seemed after having just celebrated Caedmon's birthday. A celebration which seemed to last 2 whole weeks. I realized that as a mom the things that make a birthday special are not quite as exciting as they are for a 3 year old. Even though it wasn't quite the hoopla that Caedmon got...or Libby will probably get next month, it was a day full of blessing. I am so thankful for

-my friend Erin, who watched my kiddos along with her two kids, and gave me two free hours
-those two kid-free hours which I spent wandering around TJ Maxx with a coffee in hand, looking at whatever I wanted and not distracted by whining kids or impending meal or nap times
-Tom's early arrival home...just in time to help with the fussy, whiny, sleep-deprived little ones (nap time was not quite long enough)
-Dinner, wine and cake...none of which I had to prepare...all of which was delicious
-early bedtimes for the kids which involved no tantrums
-flowers from a sweet friend
-lots of phone calls from lots of special people
-More Facebook birthday wishes than I can count

I'm sure there were many more things that I'm missing but my main point is that even though I didn't get a construction themed birthday party or a dump truck load of presents, I am blessed beyond belief by the little things like family and friends. Life is good...and 40 is still a few more years away.

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