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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Blessings

My birthday was yesterday. As it was approaching, I was struck by how insignificant it seemed after having just celebrated Caedmon's birthday. A celebration which seemed to last 2 whole weeks. I realized that as a mom the things that make a birthday special are not quite as exciting as they are for a 3 year old. Even though it wasn't quite the hoopla that Caedmon got...or Libby will probably get next month, it was a day full of blessing. I am so thankful for

-my friend Erin, who watched my kiddos along with her two kids, and gave me two free hours
-those two kid-free hours which I spent wandering around TJ Maxx with a coffee in hand, looking at whatever I wanted and not distracted by whining kids or impending meal or nap times
-Tom's early arrival home...just in time to help with the fussy, whiny, sleep-deprived little ones (nap time was not quite long enough)
-Dinner, wine and cake...none of which I had to prepare...all of which was delicious
-early bedtimes for the kids which involved no tantrums
-flowers from a sweet friend
-lots of phone calls from lots of special people
-More Facebook birthday wishes than I can count

I'm sure there were many more things that I'm missing but my main point is that even though I didn't get a construction themed birthday party or a dump truck load of presents, I am blessed beyond belief by the little things like family and friends. Life is good...and 40 is still a few more years away.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big C is 3! (Part 2)

Caedmon's birthday celebration continued a few days later with a birthday celebration with his friends. We planned a construction theme since he loves playing with his tools and building things. Tom planned to have the day off and my parents and sister were also here to enjoy (or rather work hard helping to coordinate) the activities. It was a beautiful day and the kids enjoyed playing together. Since a picture is supposedly worth a thousand words, I'll save my words and share some pictures with you:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Confessions of a Delinquent Blogger

To all of my readers out there (how many is that? One?),

I am sorry that I have been such a lazy blogger. Not so long ago, I was only a blog reader not a blog writer. In those days, I would get so frustrated by bloggers who did not post entries for long periods of time and then suddenly updated 6 months of their lives in one evening. And yet, I find myself in that same place right now. Well, maybe not 6 months but at least one or two months that have been jam packed with activity - Caedmon's birthday, Libby's new skills, visits from family, etc. Despite my own delinquent blogging, I am still a voracious blog reader. I find myself reading blogs that are so well written and interesting and then, I get inspired to write my own witty and clever entries. However, when I have time to write, I have either have a million other things to do or I am too tired to think straight...not to mention that mommy brain seems to have zapped all creative writing abilities I may have had. So please take this as my confession, my apology and my promise to catch up and stay caught up (or at least not get so very far behind).

Lazy Blogger of the Year
aka Lynette

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big C is 3! (Part 1)

Caedmon celebrated his 3rd birthday just over a week ago. It was quite the week of celebrating! All of the grandparents and one aunt made a visit over the course of two weeks. Yes, we have been hosting house guests for 14 days! The last of them departed this morning. It was a fun time and we were thankful for all of the help we had with the extra hands and hearts in our home.
Caedmon's actual birthday was a busy day since it fell on Mother's Day and we also dedicated Libby at church that morning. My mom and Tom's parents were here to celebrate with us. We got up early to get out the door for the 8:30 am service at church. We knew it would be quite a feat to get all 7 of us fed and dressed in time so Tom made sure that he & I were up extra early to exercise. Fun! Fun! (side note: we were on a roll with the early morning exercise but recently fell of the bandwagon...we REALLY need to get back on!). Tom got the kids going while I made a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts for bagels and doughnuts. Amazingly, we pulled into the church parking lot right at 8:15, which was when we were supposed to get there for the Dedication instructions. It was a nice service and Libby did her part by smiling and waving to the congregation. This little girl loves people!

After the Dedication, we had Mother's Day brunch at Central Market Cafe. This doubled as a birthday treat for Caedmon since the CM Cafe is his favorite restaurant. The only disappointment may have been that they weren't serving his favorite meal - macaroni and cheese. We three moms enjoyed it, though, especially since we got free mimosas with our meal.

We spent a majority of the afternoon making Chinese dumplings. Dumplings are Tom's favorite meal. I think he could eat them everyday if I could keep our freezer stocked. They also happen to be quite a time consuming, labor of love to make, especially when you are crazy enough to try to make your own wrappers/skins. Tom, his mom and I made over 100 dumplings so our freezer is stocked, but it did take us almost 6 hours! Tom says that it was supposed to be a fun afternoon of a family activity together. It was fun but by the end I was wiped out!

We also took some time to celebrate Caedmon's big 3! He opened presents from family and we had cake for dessert. He thoroughly enjoyed all of it! It was fun to see him blow out the candles this year. I remember last year he had just learned to blow his nose and was stuck on blowing out his nose instead of his mouth. We worked diligently with him to reteach mouth blowing so he wouldn't contaminate his cake. This year he had the difference down so the cake was safe!

All in all, it was a very special day, made even more so since we had family to share with whom to share it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Never a Dull Moment...

As if stitches weren't enough...this week it was surgery. Yes, you read that right - SURGERY with anesthesia and all...

Last week, we noticed that Caedmon had a "boo boo" on the bottom of his foot on the arch part. It was already scabbed over and we were surprised to realize that he had never complained about it. Tom took one look at it and said that he thought there was something in it. He tried to get at it to see if he could tell what it was or possibly even get it out but Caedmon was not at all cooperative. From what he could see he decided that maybe it wasn't a big deal or at the very least we could wait for Monday's 3 year old well visit at the pediatrician.

Monday came and the pediatrician took one look and said that she definitely thought it needed to be looked at. She referred us to a pediatric surgeon who required an ultrasound to determine what the culprit was. I made the ultrasound appointment for Thursday and was informed that it would likely be 2 to 3 weeks before we got in to the surgeon.

When Tom heard that, he sprung into action. Before anyone could fully comprehend what was happening, I was driving Caedmon to the hospital where Tom works to have the surgery that afternoon. Tom convinced one of the surgeons he works with to look at Caedmon's foot. The pediatrician appointment was at 10 am. By 2 pm, Caedmon was in the hospital undergoing anesthesia. I didn't even fully comprehend the situation until I was sitting in the waiting room awaiting news of what they found...

A piece of glass.

Yes, the offender was a piece of glass.

Can anyone tell me how my not quite 3 year old stepped on a piece of glass and didn't ever tell us? No tears. No "ouch that hurt." Nothing! He has cried and complained more about changing the bandage than he did about the injury itself.

I should have realized. I think Caedmon just has a high tolerance for pain. When he was 9 months old, I took him for a well-visit and the pediatrician told me that he had an ear infection. He had never seemed out of sorts but he had a bad ear infection. I guess that should have been my clue that I had a tough cookie on my hands.

So in 3 weeks, we've experienced a trip to the ER for stitches and a trip to the OR to remove glass from his foot. Oh, and over the weekend he got a bug bite that caused his hand to swell to 3 times its normal size. He didn't tell us about that until the next day either. I guess we will have to give him the once over every night before bed. I'm just afraid of what else we may find!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Road Trip Conversations

On Friday, we drove to Dallas to meet friends at the Arboretum. It takes about 45 minutes to get there and Caedmon talked ALL the way there. As is typical at this age, lots of the talking revolved around the word "WHY." However, with Caedmon my answer rarely satisfies and he usually ends up trying out his own answer. Our conversation ranged from Zacchaeus, the tax collector, to space aliens. Here are some snippets from my favorite topics:

Topic #1 (HEAVEN)

C-boy: How do you get to Heaven?

I (seeing an opportunity to talk about Jesus) launch into an explanation of salvation struggling and praying to make it simple yet deep enough to reach the heart of my almost 3 year old.

C-boy: No, mama, it's a long, long plane ride.

I try once again to explain that it has nothing to do with earthly transportation.

C-boy: no, Mama, it is a long airplane ride and... it's a little bit of a drive, too!

Topic #2 (VASELINE)

(background: we've been putting vaseline on Caedmon's head wound to try to keep the scarring to a minimal)

C-boy: Mommy, there's something I noticed about vaseline.

Me: Oh ???

C-boy: It looks like BOOGERS !
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