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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I got a "Laceration"!

Caedmon now has his first battle scar.

With our little monkey, it was inevitable. I knew the day would come when we would have to visit the ER. Several times a week, I say prayers of thanks that God has protected my sweet boy. He has had many falls ending in tears and sometimes bumps and bruises...and often enough, I have been surprised that the fall didn't cause worse injuries. Alas, he broke the record for near misses and added the excitement of blood, tears, a visit to the ER and some stitches. And, he decided that if he was going to get hurt, it might as well be good - a "laceration" (as Tom has correctly taught him to call it) that went all the way to the skull. The funny thing is that for all of the daredevil climbing and crazy stunts he pulls, he was injured in a rather mundane way. He tripped while running and fell and hit the corner of an open door.

As in all the near misses, God was obviously in control. If such a traumatic thing was going to happen, it happened in the best possible way. I was surrounded by good friends. One of whom took charge and called Tom (who was home) and also drove me to the hospital. Tom met us there. Also, someone had referred us to a local surgery center that is new, clean and not very busy. We received excellent, quick medical care. Who has ever heard of being in and out of an ER in 1 hour!

I praise God for giving me a calm spirit (as calm as a mama of a bleeding, crying 2 year old can be), surrounding me with loving, supportive friends and also for helping Caedmon to be brave.

As you can see, he's no worse for the wear...in fact, he's back to his wild, no-fear ways. As for me, I'm just praying that we don't see the inside of a hospital, especially the ER, for a loooooooooooong time!

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