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Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Day Out with Caedmon

...and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Caedmon thinks trains are REALLY cool! He actually thinks that most vehicles are cool and often asks when he will get to ride one. Last week, his fascination was school buses. He asked if he could ride one someday...and then, asked if I would be the driver. I told him to ask his dad to be the driver because I don't do vehicles that big (for the record, dad declined, too).

But back to the trains...about a month ago, my friend called and asked if I'd join her and her son for a ride on Thomas the Tank Engine. Now, Caedmon does like trains but he mostly knows Thomas from two books and his friends. He has a total of two Thomas trains - Thomas and Percy...and Harold the Helicopter, but he does not have the typical preschool Thomas the Tank obsession. Initially, neither Tom nor I was excited about the prospect of shelling out the money and joining the throngs of parents and kids to see Thomas. However, Caedmon does love riding the zoo train and has asked on several occasions to ride the big Grapevine train so we bit the bullet (or rather, I bit the bullet) and signed up for a "Day Out with Thomas." It was actually quite enjoyable and Caedmon enjoyed riding the train. Tom and Libby stayed home so Caedmon and I had a Mommy/Son Date complete with ice cream! Here's the morning in review:

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