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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Funny Sayings from Caedmon

While Caedmon continues to keep us hopping, we haven't shared his latest antics with you. I've been trying to keep a log of his funniest sayings. Since we are deep in the throes of potty training, some of it is not appropriate for Internet publishing. However, here's a smattering for you to enjoy...

C-boy: How is a unicorn different from a horse?
Me: It has a horn.
C-boy: Honk! Honk!
Me: Not that kind of horn
C-boy: Beep! Beep!
Me: Do you know a different kind of horn?
C: honk or beep
Seeing that we were getting nowhere fast, I scrounge up a photo of a rhinoceros.

Keeping with the horn theme:
Tom's mom has been staying with us. When she is here, we encourage her to speak Mandarin Chinese with the kids and Caedmon has picked up a good bit. He now enjoys asking her what specific words are in Chinese and often as we are driving somewhere, she will point out things and tell him about them in Chinese. One day she began telling him the Chinese word for car. Caedmon wasn't quite picking up what she was saying so she switched to English and said, "[This] is the word for car in Chinese." Caedmon replied, "or beep beep."

Caedmon's all time favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Thus, his favorite restaurant is the Cafe at Central Market Grocery Store. However, when he can't get it there, he's happy for me to make it at home. Last week, Tom was working all night so I made Caedmon mac 'n cheese for dinner. As he was digging in, he said, "Mom, aren't you so happy that yourself made macaroni and cheese for you and me?"

Caedmon also continues to have a sweet heart for Jesus. Libby had a stomach bug a few weeks ago and we had to take her to the pediatrician. On our way home from the doctor visit and the pharmacy, Caedmon announced, "I will pray to God for Libby that she gets better." And, he proceeded to launch into a prayer. Most every prayer these days begins "Thank you Jesus for mommy, daddy and baby Libby." (and at meal times, he often thanks Jesus for the same thing over and over). He was good at getting to the point in this prayer and I was so blessed to see his love for his sister and his faith in Jesus.

We've also started memorizing Scripture. I've been wanting to do this with Caedmon but hadn't been good at getting started. Two weeks ago, his Sunday School take home papers had a memory verse on them so I decided that was my cue to get started. He has done a great job but it is challenging to get a not quite 3 year old to memorize "word perfect." His first verse was "He cares for you." He did a great job with the verse but the reference has been a bit more challenging. In case you are wondering, you can find that verse in "by Peter 5:7." (or as we keep reminding and explaining 1 Peter 5:7).

Caedmon had his finger in his mouth. Caedmon's 5 year old friend says, "Caedmon, it's not good to put your finger in your mouth."
Caedmon replies, "I know. It's a bad habit."

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  1. Our kids do scripture memory at church, too. One of the first was "God loves a cheerful giver." When I asked what they learned in church, they replied (with actions), "God loves Cheerios!" :)


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