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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Libby: 7.5 Months

It seems that I started a weird trend of blogging about Libby at a 2 month interval. I noticed I have a 3.5 month blog entry and a 5.5 month blog entry so I guess it's that time again! Yes, our baby girl is now 7.5 months. She's closer to 1 year old than newborn. Where does the time go?

Libby continues to bless and challenge us with her passionate personality. She has been smiling more and more and when she smiles her whole face fills with that smile. Often her mouth is wide open and her tongue even gets into the smiling action. For a long time she only smiled at me but around Christmas time she started sharing beautiful smiles with Daddy, Caedmon and those she deemed smile-worthy. Lately, it seems she shares a little more freely...although always on her terms.

She's starting to laugh more now, too. Tickling can get her going but other than that we haven't found the real key to unlocking her laughter. With Caedmon, it was random silly words - "kung fu," "scooby do," "peas and carrots." Yesterday she did find something awfully funny as she was rolling around the living room. It was so fun to hear her laugh and Caedmon and I quickly joined in.

Speaking of rolling...that is still her most successful form of transportation. She uses it to get to her big brother or to an unreachable toy or sometimes just for the sake of movement. There are days where she doesn't seem to move too far at all and other days, when she moves great distances in very short times. In fact, this morning I set her in the middle of the living room, turned my back for 30 seconds and found her 10 feet away on the hard concrete floor! She was perfectly happy playing with a toy but certainly not where I left her! We were expecting her to be an early crawler because she certainly likes to move (and has for a very long time). However, she doesn't seem to be making much effort in that direction. I'm sure it will be happening before we know it, though.

Libby has also honed her sitting skills. She has been sitting for a few months but she was wobbly for a long time. I don't know if she was really so much wobbly as she realized that she could reach things better when she was lying and down and had the possibility of rolling. Regardless of the reason, in the last two weeks, she has become much more sturdy and seems to enjoy sitting for long periods of time, exploring her toys and watching the world around her.

Our sweet girl is on the small side. Her weight did not increase as much as expected in the past few months. At 7 months she only weighed 14.5 lbs. However, if you saw her eat, you wouldn't worry. She LOVES food! Meals are one of the highlights of her day. Unfortunately, she is still refusing a bottle or sippy cup. We're trying but she doesn't get the idea.

Teething seems to be starting...and Libby is not a fan of it! She has been quite vocal about expressing her discomfort. I'm hoping that these first teeth cut quickly and we can move on from the beginning of this phase.

I was visiting with my friend Gretchen this morning and we were discussing the differences in 2nd children. She mentioned that she sometimes feels like she is more anxious for baby #2 to move to the next stage. I find myself struggling with those thoughts as well. It will be so much fun when Caedmon and Libby can really play together and when Libby starts talking to us. Yet, I want to savor each moment with her. It is so amazing to watch her development and see who God has created her to be.

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  1. She is such a doll! Love seeing photos of your little girl. :)


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