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Friday, February 20, 2009

Extra Hug, Extra Kiss

I'm standing in a dimly lit bedroom

Hugging in such a tight embrace my son, nearly 3 years old
Praying with him before he lays down to sleep
Hearing his simple yet pure and untainted words to Jesus

He is learning
So vulnerable
Yet so alive

Sleep beckons, he resists
He tries to make the moment last ... for just a little bit longer

He wants to hug back, to pat my back, to kiss me
I savor these precious gifts of innocent love

Deep within I sigh, knowing that someday he won't want to
because when I grew up, I never wanted to
I'm hoping that he will grow up different, better
I want this moment to last... forever

But for now,
we tell each other to Have a Good Sleep
we tell each other I Love You
we tell each other Good Night

One last Extra Hug
One last Extra Kiss

Breathing this moment deep into me
Searing it into my memory
for when old age may make me forgetful

It overwhelms and tears opens my heart
to think that if I, as a man, feel like this...
What does my Heavenly Father feel
when He looks down at me?

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