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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big Things

In an effort to teach Caedmon to put the important things first in his day, Tom was inspired by a blog that we often read to institute "big things first" in the morning. For now, Caedmon's big things are:

1. Read the Bible and pray
2. Change diaper/sit on potty
3. Brush teeth

All of these "big things" must be accomplished before he leaves his room to come down for breakfast. Of course, this all happens with the help of mom or dad (or last week, Pappy). AND, of course, it all happens AFTER the music on his clock radio goes off. (which I am happy to report is meeting with much success. I now have the alarm set for 6:20 and some days he doesn't call me until well after that!)

Caedmon is really enjoying reading his Bible. We have read through his Beginner's Bible twice and are almost through The Big Picture Bible for the second time as well. Usually, I read it to him in the morning and Tom will read it again at night. Often it's the same story both times but Tom sticks to his schedule and I stick to mine which means that if Tom happens to work late, he may get behind and I, ahead. Also, sometimes, Caedmon requests to read more than one chapter, as was the case today since our first chapter ended in Jesus' death and we couldn't stop there!

Okay. I admit. Some mornings I find myself griping (in my head, of course) because I'd rather be in bed sleeping another 10 minutes or already sipping my tea. However, over the weekend, I was really encouraged by the work Jesus is doing in the heart of my boy. Here are some glimpses of Caedmon:

Yesterday, Caedmon got out his play jungle animals, which he has not played with in some time. He was playing quietly when suddenly, he announced: "I am baptizing the animals to get ready for the coming Kingdom of God." (did you guess that we read about John the Baptist yesterday morning?) Well, those animals are mighty luck to be evangelized by Caedmon. Here are some pictures of the blessed event:

Libby has been under the weather all weekend. We gone back and forth between thinking that she's teething or that she has the flu. I think it may be a mix of both. Anyway, midday yesterday we were leaning toward teething so we packed everyone up and headed out to dinner at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Richardson. On the way home, we stopped at Whole Foods and halfway through our grocery shopping venture, Libby convinced us that perhaps it was the flu, when she vomited all over herself and her carseat. Caedmon's first response was to announce that he was going to "pray for Jesus to heal her." I was so blessed that he thought of prayer first. I was feeling frazzled as I tried to wipe her off in the middle of the grocery aisle and find her a clean change of clothes in the diaper bag and there was my 2 1/2 year old praying for healing. If only we could all have the faith of a child!

I pray that God continues to soften Caedmon's heart to love and serve Him and that at an early age, my sweet boy accepts Jesus as his Savior and lives faithfully for Him.


  1. I really like your "big things" idea, especially reading the Bible. I will try to implement that into our (lack of) routine.

    Next time you all make the drive to Richardson for Chinese food, give us a call. We would love to go with your or get together while you are over our way.

  2. OKAY!! YOU went to Richardson and didn't tell me? LYNETTE!
    OKaY! I have chills all over when I read about little C praying and baptizing. That is just a beautiful picture...he sees Jesus in YOU! Praise HIM!
    Love you guys! E


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