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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Art Group

One of my favorite weekly activities is Preschool Art Group. My friend Chris came up with the idea several months ago. She thought it would encourage her to do more art with her son...and I jumped right on that idea. Up to that point, I realized that I was quite a lazy art enthusiast. Caedmon was over 2 years old and had never painted anything! I don't know why we hadn't been good at getting out those messy paints but the idea of having mommy moral support for any art future endeavors was very appealing to me. Obviously a few other mommies felt the same way as we are now a group of 5 moms and 6 kids (well, 8 if you include the two babies). We've done some great projects and Caedmon LOVES it! He is always so proud of his artwork...and even moreso, he loves the chance to play with his friends (or maybe more likely, their toys) each week.

This week the hostess planned a Valentine's Day Extravaganza, complete with yummy treats and decorations. We all had a fantastic time and the kids are quite wired from the fun (and perhaps the sugar cookies).

The craft was an adorable Valentine's Heart made from footprints. Unfortunately, Caedmon was not into the idea of putting red paint on his feet and politely declined to participate. However, I took the opportunity to introduce Libby to paint at this much earlier age. Look at her sweet baby footprints!

Thank you, Chris, for organizing art group...and thank you, Konni, for a fantastic, fun-filled morning!

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  1. First off, I like the smile that C-boy is sharing with the little people next to him. LOVE the craft idea. I'm tempted to use the idea, but I'm not sure how inclined I'm really feeling about doing it! What kind of paint was used?


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