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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys ~ (What Caedmon Told His Daddy)

Hey C, did you have fun with Mrs. H and Little E at McDonalds?
Yes!, E gave me a worm.

That was nice of E. What did you eat for lunch?
I had chicken nuggets and french fries!

What else did you do there?

I SPIT on E!

Why did you spit on E ?!?

Because I like her!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ready Or Not...

Let me just clearly state that I was not ready for this. Don't get me wrong. We've been praying for it nightly for what seems like months. We bought the gear well before Libby was born. And we've been slightly frustrated that our past efforts have been met with resistance. However, this was not in my plan for today...or this week...or really the next month or more.

What is it I speak of?

The dreaded chore of every mommy...


Yes, apparently it's that time. I don't think there's any turning back. It's funny how I still haven't learned that I am not in control...that as my friend Susi says, "It's not about me." Over 35 years of lesson after lesson that confirms this fact and yet I still try to put things in my terms, to plan, to do it my way. And, once again, it all boils down to - "it's not about me!"

I was never in a big hurry to attempt the big PT issue. However, when my pediatrician recommended introducing the potty sometime last winter. I figured why not give it a try. Caedmon has sat on it occasionally and even did #2 a few times (totally random and probably had no idea what was happening). He has enjoyed using it as a bedtime stall tactic in recent months...which (hanging my head in shame) I admit that we bought into because, after all, we don't want to discourage him. Ha! Yet, when I would ask him to sit during the day, he has almost always flat out refused.

After Libby was born, I knew I was not up for the challenge and always said I'd wait until at least January. January came and went and, as my mother kindly pointed out this morning, February is almost gone, too. And here we are. Potty training. Oh, it's been fun so far. 2 accidents this morning and only one success which was officially before the real potty training began. Alas, after naps, we'll pack up and take one more diapered trip to Target to get supplies that will carry us through the next few days of potty training.

Sometime soon I will look back on the next few days and laugh...right? And hopefully, sooner rather than later, I will cheer when I realize that I only have one diapered child.

Until then, pray for us!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Extra Hug, Extra Kiss

I'm standing in a dimly lit bedroom

Hugging in such a tight embrace my son, nearly 3 years old
Praying with him before he lays down to sleep
Hearing his simple yet pure and untainted words to Jesus

He is learning
So vulnerable
Yet so alive

Sleep beckons, he resists
He tries to make the moment last ... for just a little bit longer

He wants to hug back, to pat my back, to kiss me
I savor these precious gifts of innocent love

Deep within I sigh, knowing that someday he won't want to
because when I grew up, I never wanted to
I'm hoping that he will grow up different, better
I want this moment to last... forever

But for now,
we tell each other to Have a Good Sleep
we tell each other I Love You
we tell each other Good Night

One last Extra Hug
One last Extra Kiss

Breathing this moment deep into me
Searing it into my memory
for when old age may make me forgetful

It overwhelms and tears opens my heart
to think that if I, as a man, feel like this...
What does my Heavenly Father feel
when He looks down at me?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Art Group

One of my favorite weekly activities is Preschool Art Group. My friend Chris came up with the idea several months ago. She thought it would encourage her to do more art with her son...and I jumped right on that idea. Up to that point, I realized that I was quite a lazy art enthusiast. Caedmon was over 2 years old and had never painted anything! I don't know why we hadn't been good at getting out those messy paints but the idea of having mommy moral support for any art future endeavors was very appealing to me. Obviously a few other mommies felt the same way as we are now a group of 5 moms and 6 kids (well, 8 if you include the two babies). We've done some great projects and Caedmon LOVES it! He is always so proud of his artwork...and even moreso, he loves the chance to play with his friends (or maybe more likely, their toys) each week.

This week the hostess planned a Valentine's Day Extravaganza, complete with yummy treats and decorations. We all had a fantastic time and the kids are quite wired from the fun (and perhaps the sugar cookies).

The craft was an adorable Valentine's Heart made from footprints. Unfortunately, Caedmon was not into the idea of putting red paint on his feet and politely declined to participate. However, I took the opportunity to introduce Libby to paint at this much earlier age. Look at her sweet baby footprints!

Thank you, Chris, for organizing art group...and thank you, Konni, for a fantastic, fun-filled morning!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Libby: 7.5 Months

It seems that I started a weird trend of blogging about Libby at a 2 month interval. I noticed I have a 3.5 month blog entry and a 5.5 month blog entry so I guess it's that time again! Yes, our baby girl is now 7.5 months. She's closer to 1 year old than newborn. Where does the time go?

Libby continues to bless and challenge us with her passionate personality. She has been smiling more and more and when she smiles her whole face fills with that smile. Often her mouth is wide open and her tongue even gets into the smiling action. For a long time she only smiled at me but around Christmas time she started sharing beautiful smiles with Daddy, Caedmon and those she deemed smile-worthy. Lately, it seems she shares a little more freely...although always on her terms.

She's starting to laugh more now, too. Tickling can get her going but other than that we haven't found the real key to unlocking her laughter. With Caedmon, it was random silly words - "kung fu," "scooby do," "peas and carrots." Yesterday she did find something awfully funny as she was rolling around the living room. It was so fun to hear her laugh and Caedmon and I quickly joined in.

Speaking of rolling...that is still her most successful form of transportation. She uses it to get to her big brother or to an unreachable toy or sometimes just for the sake of movement. There are days where she doesn't seem to move too far at all and other days, when she moves great distances in very short times. In fact, this morning I set her in the middle of the living room, turned my back for 30 seconds and found her 10 feet away on the hard concrete floor! She was perfectly happy playing with a toy but certainly not where I left her! We were expecting her to be an early crawler because she certainly likes to move (and has for a very long time). However, she doesn't seem to be making much effort in that direction. I'm sure it will be happening before we know it, though.

Libby has also honed her sitting skills. She has been sitting for a few months but she was wobbly for a long time. I don't know if she was really so much wobbly as she realized that she could reach things better when she was lying and down and had the possibility of rolling. Regardless of the reason, in the last two weeks, she has become much more sturdy and seems to enjoy sitting for long periods of time, exploring her toys and watching the world around her.

Our sweet girl is on the small side. Her weight did not increase as much as expected in the past few months. At 7 months she only weighed 14.5 lbs. However, if you saw her eat, you wouldn't worry. She LOVES food! Meals are one of the highlights of her day. Unfortunately, she is still refusing a bottle or sippy cup. We're trying but she doesn't get the idea.

Teething seems to be starting...and Libby is not a fan of it! She has been quite vocal about expressing her discomfort. I'm hoping that these first teeth cut quickly and we can move on from the beginning of this phase.

I was visiting with my friend Gretchen this morning and we were discussing the differences in 2nd children. She mentioned that she sometimes feels like she is more anxious for baby #2 to move to the next stage. I find myself struggling with those thoughts as well. It will be so much fun when Caedmon and Libby can really play together and when Libby starts talking to us. Yet, I want to savor each moment with her. It is so amazing to watch her development and see who God has created her to be.

Monday, February 9, 2009

4th Photo Tag

I was tagged by Christy for a blog challenge. I was asked to open the 4th folder in my photo file and choose the 4th photo. This is a photo taken around New Years 2004. It is a picture of Tom's brother and sister-in-law, Mark and Jen with Tom and me. Both couples had just married a few months earlier. At the time, Mark & Jen were planning to serve as missionaries with Campus Crusade for Christ in China and they were driving across country raising support and we were just settling in to our first home in Dallas. My how things have changed since that first newlywed holiday! Mark and Jen are now in Arizona working as nurses and raising their twin boys who are just weeks younger than Caedmon... so 5 years and 4 kids later, we're thanking God for His blessings!

Now I tag Jen, Melissa, Gretchen and Grace. Have fun on your trip down memory lane!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big Things

In an effort to teach Caedmon to put the important things first in his day, Tom was inspired by a blog that we often read to institute "big things first" in the morning. For now, Caedmon's big things are:

1. Read the Bible and pray
2. Change diaper/sit on potty
3. Brush teeth

All of these "big things" must be accomplished before he leaves his room to come down for breakfast. Of course, this all happens with the help of mom or dad (or last week, Pappy). AND, of course, it all happens AFTER the music on his clock radio goes off. (which I am happy to report is meeting with much success. I now have the alarm set for 6:20 and some days he doesn't call me until well after that!)

Caedmon is really enjoying reading his Bible. We have read through his Beginner's Bible twice and are almost through The Big Picture Bible for the second time as well. Usually, I read it to him in the morning and Tom will read it again at night. Often it's the same story both times but Tom sticks to his schedule and I stick to mine which means that if Tom happens to work late, he may get behind and I, ahead. Also, sometimes, Caedmon requests to read more than one chapter, as was the case today since our first chapter ended in Jesus' death and we couldn't stop there!

Okay. I admit. Some mornings I find myself griping (in my head, of course) because I'd rather be in bed sleeping another 10 minutes or already sipping my tea. However, over the weekend, I was really encouraged by the work Jesus is doing in the heart of my boy. Here are some glimpses of Caedmon:

Yesterday, Caedmon got out his play jungle animals, which he has not played with in some time. He was playing quietly when suddenly, he announced: "I am baptizing the animals to get ready for the coming Kingdom of God." (did you guess that we read about John the Baptist yesterday morning?) Well, those animals are mighty luck to be evangelized by Caedmon. Here are some pictures of the blessed event:

Libby has been under the weather all weekend. We gone back and forth between thinking that she's teething or that she has the flu. I think it may be a mix of both. Anyway, midday yesterday we were leaning toward teething so we packed everyone up and headed out to dinner at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Richardson. On the way home, we stopped at Whole Foods and halfway through our grocery shopping venture, Libby convinced us that perhaps it was the flu, when she vomited all over herself and her carseat. Caedmon's first response was to announce that he was going to "pray for Jesus to heal her." I was so blessed that he thought of prayer first. I was feeling frazzled as I tried to wipe her off in the middle of the grocery aisle and find her a clean change of clothes in the diaper bag and there was my 2 1/2 year old praying for healing. If only we could all have the faith of a child!

I pray that God continues to soften Caedmon's heart to love and serve Him and that at an early age, my sweet boy accepts Jesus as his Savior and lives faithfully for Him.
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