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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Year of the Rat

Chinese New Year is around the corner. It occurs on January 26, 2009. We will be leaving behind the Year of the Rat and entering the Year of the Ox. No, we are not really gearing up to celebrate. Although, on occasion, Tom's mom will be visiting us around this time of year in which case she brings some New Year sweets (not my favorite...especially not the ones with the eggs in them). Anyway, Tom's parents were here a few weeks ago so we will probably ring in the Chinese New Year in an even less eventful way than we did the regular New Year (we were in bed well before midnight!).

I can never even remember what Chinese year I was born in and I think the whole thing is rather funny - that everyone born in an entire year's time has the same personality traits. For the record, Tom was born in the Year of the Sheep and I'm an Ox (I guess it's my year!). I talked to a friend recently, who told me that she and her husband are warned never to marry according to the Chinese astrological charts. They seem quite happily married.

All this rambling does have a point.

Libby was born in the Year of the Rat. Is that supposed to be a positive thing?! Caedmon was the Year of the Dog. That was kind of sweet. I mean if we really wanted to celebrate or decorate according to his astrological chart we could at least use puppies and dogs. But rats?! I don't know if I ever payed attention to what Libby's year was until my friend sent us an outfit celebrating the "Year of the Rat." Although I don't believe in all of this astrological stuff, I did some research to see what qualities "rats" are said to have. I wanted to attempt to redeem the rat because when I think of rats, I think of a dirty old warehouse or a sewer pipe, or maybe on a good day, a science lab. According to my web search, rats are noted for their charm, perfectionism, ambition, hard work, passionate, and forthright. I guess the qualities do redeem the symbol a bit.

Anyway, my whole point of this post was to share a picture of Libby in her "Year of the Rat" t-shirt. She's pretty darn cute for a rat!

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