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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Open Wide

Caedmon had his first trip to the dentist this week. Fortunately, Tom had the day off so it was a family affair.

Tom got the pediatric dentist recommendation from the same person who recommended our pediatrician, whom we absolutely LOVE. The pediatric dentist was a whole new experience. His office was almost like something out of a movie. Of course, if I were a pediatric dentist and had the resources to design such an office, I suppose I would too. There was a life-size willow tree, video games, bright colors and a personal TV for each exam chair as well as a video library to select one's favorite show/movie to watch while having one's teeth cleaned.

Several fellow parents warned us not to expect much...and we truly weren't. The benefit of low expectations is most often you are pleasantly surprised. Caedmon did a really great job. He practiced opening wide before the dental hygienist even arrived and he was quite cooperative once she started her work. I kept waiting for the melt down, but he was a big boy through the initial exam, the regular brush cleaning, the power brush cleaning and the plaque removal.

Then...he experienced fluoride.

He's still talking about the sour "teeth vitamins" and how he cried. He was still crying when the dentist arrived but overall, Dr. Chris was able to check his teeth and we were still proud of our little man. He's been a much more cooperative teeth brusher ever since. Now if we can just break the thumbsucking!

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  1. Amazing. They did not even try a cleaning on Katherine. Partially it was because it was a holiday and all the big kids were in the cleaning area so they thought she would be scared just because of that but she also was pretty frightened of the initial exam.


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