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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dear L-girl

Dear L-girl,

You are 6 months old and your personality is really beginning to emerge. You have such a look about you... you seem to open up your eyes and take everything around you in, soaking in all you see, learning, listening, looking constantly. I so look forward to interacting with you as you begin to understand language. Your first word is yet to come. You are on the verge of figuring out you can be more mobile (you know how to roll and are getting better at sitting, soon you will know all about crawling!) You definitely know what you want (your 3 favorites are: mommy, to be held, and food - you are always watching us eat and sticking your tongue out as if you are ready to take a chomp out of what we are eating) , and you let us know it (by your crying)! Since birth you have mainly been with mommy. She is the one you want most of the time, but when I get a chance to carry you, you are such a bundle. It's amazing to think that Caedmon was once as small as you are now. I can't get you to laugh like I did with Caedmon when he was your age, but you are a tougher audience. When you do laugh, it is contagious. Your mommy has outfitted you with a wardrobe to make you one of the best dressed in the South - I think your mommy overcompensated because before you were born, I told her that I thought we could just dress you in Caedmon's old clothes. I can't wait for you to begin to play with us. Love, Daddy

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